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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SMCVT chapter.

Recently, I had some complications with my cell phone that have prevented it from carrying out its basic function: making phone calls. On top of that, I have not been able to send or receive any text messages. This sounds really bad. How could a college student like myself function without having contact with everyone with the touch of a button? Luckily, I am still able to use the internet and apps when connected to wifi; this also means that when there is no wifi, my phone is essentially on permanent airplane mode. I am now coming onto the second week of not having a fully functioning phone, and to be quite honest, I miss it less than I had anticipated.

Though I am still able to do a variety of things on my phone when I have wifi, my lack of social media has prevented me from staying connected with those I do not interact with on a daily basis. People close to me—including my family and close friends here at school—are able to contact me through my email if necessary; though, this method is obviously less convenient than texting and calling. On the other hand, individuals I would consider acquaintances and friends from my hometown that do not know my email have not heard from me in nearly two weeks.

This entire situation vexed me greatly the first few days. I was frustrated that I could not contact people with ease and that I had dwindling reasons to even carry my phone around. As a result, I have started not carrying my phone on me at all times or having it buried in my backpack, out of grasp. When I walk to and from class, I no longer have my phone clutched in my hands, fighting for my attention over my surroundings. When I go to the dining hall, I no longer leave my phone on the table, waiting for a notification to pop up. I am able to be more present in the moment; I am not preoccupied by people or things miles away from me. Being present without distractions also allows me to notice how often others have their eyes lowered—glued to their screens. It is quite eye opening. When I finally get my phone working properly, I hope to keep my eyes up.


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