Getting Back in the Swing of Things

With the spring semester well underway, I find myself struggling to get back into the groove of things here on our lovely campus. As week four of the semester comes to a close, assignments are rolling in and the pace is most certainly speeding up. I can’t help but think back to mere weeks ago, surrounded by the comfort of my home, my pup, and home cooked meals (*sigh*). Coming back to campus at the start of a fresh new semester can be very difficult for many people. It’s overwhelming to think about the responsibilities and tasks that we busy students face everyday. The beginning of a semester is undoubtedly stressful for a multitude of reasons, and that is completely natural! I thought I would share some of the things I’ve been doing to get back into a routine, in the most painless way possible!


  1. Journal more.

    Keeping a journal helps to organize your thoughts and offers a time to reflect back on 

the big (and small!) moments in your life. Journaling is a great way to track personal 

progress on a daily basis. It also gives yourself an opportunity to focus on self-awareness and presence of mind in the fast-paced lives that we live. 


  1. Keep a plant. 

Caring for a plant is a fantastic way to fall back into a routine! Not only does it help 

clear your mind and de-stress from our hectic lives, but it also provides us with an easy, low-stakes responsibility. 


  1. Join a fitness class.

I’d always find myself lacking the will power to venture out to the gym on my own time. Going to scheduled, weekly fitness classes definitely helps put me back into a regular routine. Exercising as regularly as possible might also motivate you to be more productive and accomplish more tasks in your schedule too!


  1. Have a morning routine.

    I’ve found that having a solid morning routine to start the day makes a huge difference 

in getting back into your regular schedule. Now, this is definitely easier said than done. But even the smallest things can make all the difference! This could be as simple as making sure that you leave your dorm by the same time each morning. 


  1. Prioritize your responsibilities.

Trying to make sense of your busy schedule is no easy task. It also doesn't necessarily mean that you need to accomplish every single task in one sitting. One thing I’ve come to realize in these first few weeks of the new semester is how important it is to prioritize your time. If you’re someone who loses their steam by the end of the day, it might make sense to try and get your major tasks done during the day.