Finals Weeks As Told By The Office

Wondering why you thought it was a good idea to procrastinate until the night before your exam

Finally sitting down at your desk and opening your notes just to realize that your handwriting is illegible and you need to find your teacher’s notes from class  

Trying to get a friend to help explain something to you, but they just end up confusing you even more

Then your friends invite you to a study group

But your and your friends end up distracting each other too much so you have to sit across the library from each other but support one another nonetheless

When your friends go out during finals week

After staying up all night to cram

Walking into the room right before the exam starts



When you finally take your test and you realize that there’s no way in hell you got anything better than a C- on your exam but you’re too exhausted to care

And then you realize you have another exam to study for

But when the week is over and you’re done all your exams, the feeling you get because you’re finally done






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