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Elisabeth O’Donnell: President of HC SMCVT

Many people know Elis as a strong, indpendent woman ready for “world domination,”  but to me, she is most importantly one of my closest friends here at SMC. She is increidbly smart, caring and funny, however I may be biased. Whether I am biased or not, she is definitely an academic weapon and a Campus Cutie. In particular, she is the fabulous Campus Correspondent of HerCampus SMCVT and if you don’t already know her, I highly reccomend you get to know her. 

YOG: 2019

Major: Media Studies, Journalism and Digital Arts with a minor in Business Administration

Hometown: Easton, MA


HC: Why did you choose SMC?

EO: Because it felt like home. A ton of people in my family went here before me, and although for a while I was very set on forging my own path, I couldn’t stay away. I knew it was where I was meant to be. 

HC: What is your favorite memory of freshman year?

EO: Finding my best friends and everything that happened from there. Most of us all lived on the same floor and even though it may have taken us a few weeks to find each other, they essentially made my freshman year so fantastic. One of the best things about living together was the weekly occurance of all of us congregating in someone’s room as soon as we woke up on Saturday/Sunday mornings to recap the night before. Also, our last night in the DL (Abi, Neva and Pheeb). We are all still best friends and I’m so excited for more years living togther!

P-Day 2016


HC: Why should people join Her Campus?

EO: Most of the reason I love it so much is becasue it’s just a great way to meet and get to know more people on campus. Amidst all of the different things we do we really do just love haning out together. Everyone on the team is hysterical and we have so many laughs whether it’s doing team building or planning charity events. If that isn’t enough reason for you, it’s also an awesome resume builder and a great way for MJD, English and Business majors/minors to get hands on experience (but most of the women on the team aren’t those majors!). 

Her Campus executives at Burlington Walk to Defeat ALS


HC: Who is your biggest inspiration?

EO: A pretty basic answer, but defintely both of my parents. My mum because she is so incredile with people. She has this natural ability to have such a strong positive impact on everyone she meets. My dad becasue he is so hard working, he puts all of his energy into everything he does. My grandparents too, because both sets raised such strong, close families. 

Elis and her mum at her High School Graduation


HC: Where do you hope to see yourself in 10 years?

EO: Career wise, who knows. Does anyone really know by their sophomore year? If so, I’m screwed. What I do know is that I definitely want to hang onto everyone that’s already such a huge part of my life. People have always been the most important thing to me. If I’m still wicked close with both my friends from home and from SMC when I’m 30, that will be the greatest success I could ask for. 

Hometown honeys 


HC: If you could tell your 15 year old self anything what would it be?

EO: Relax, you’re doing great. Soak it all up, you’re going to miss this(yes, even the mile repeats). Squeeze your friends and your sisters, and stop worrying about what’s to come because the best really is yet to come. Change is good, let it happen and welcome it!


HC: What is your go to song to pump yourself up?

EO: Kanye in gneral, usually Father Stretch My Hands. Ultralight Beam is good if I need homework motivation, and All Falls Down is great for the treadmill. Would defintely recommend. 

HC: Biggest piece of advice for incoming freshman?

EO: It’s okay to not be happy here yet. No freshman is 100% happy here yet, trust me. It’s okay to miss your mum, your friends, your dog and your home with a stocked snack cabinet. It takes time to adjust and feel truly feel like SMC is your second home. But you have to make an effort. Find something that interests you and really throw yourself into it. Don’t half-ass anything, that won’t get you anywhere. Adjusting doesn’t just happen naturally, but it will happen with time. And once it does you’re realize everything everyone says about college and St. Mike’s is true!



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