Don't Forget About Your BFF's When You Get a BF or GF

As cuffing season is upon us, it seems people are getting wifed left and right. New relationships are wonderful and of course you want to spend all your spare time with your new beau, but it’s important to make time for your pals too.

When it comes to relationships, you’re either going to stay together forever!!! or breakup. Who is going to be there for you if things go sour? Definitely not your ex-boyfriend. In college, away from home, your girlfriends are your support system and if you don’t maintain them, you’ll lose them.

Also, a part of a healthy relationship is having other people in your life that aren’t your significant other. Make time for your friends! If you’re having difficulty finding time to see them, but not your significant other, than you’re not trying hard enough.


Set aside time each week to check in with your pals. Especially if they aren’t in a relationship, you’re newfound one could leave them feeling lonely.


Relationships are exciting and lovely, but healthy boundaries and maintaining the friendships you had prior are even more so. As a college student, balance is key. Make time for the important things. This includes your gals.