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Don’t Let Breaking News Break You

I think it’s safe to assume most of us have been in at least one situation where information is shared and you simply wish you hadn’t heard it. Whether you didn’t want to hear it to continue on living in a naive state of mind, or to maintain some sort of false, yet peaceful truth, convincing yourself that’s what’s best for you. We all know the not so subtle feeling of being frozen in a moment when the only immediate action offered is gut clenching, heart dropping, and that mere shift from smile to “what the actual …” facial expression. If you’ve read thus far yup, you’ve probably guessed it, I was indeed involved in a conversation earlier this week where I heard something that flipped me upside down. I saw this “news” as pressing and for a split second lost my grip, treating this information like it should’ve been a top ten feature on CNN or NBC News. Truth of the matter is we all have life news that directly or indirectly involves us or our close-knit crews. Sometimes this news is good and sometimes not so good. It’s that yin/yang , left/right, cold/hot, balance that life continues to challenge and excite us with. 

Distracted and listening to the same playlist, the game “telephone” played by immature middle schoolers crossed my mind. I remember playing this game, finding it funny when my turn would come around so I could tweak what was most definitely previously tweaked to make everyone laugh. There was one particular game where I changed what was whispered into my ear to save someone’s feelings from getting hurt. Was this an example of kindness or dishonesty? Thinking back to this moment, it must’ve been both.  I thought while writing this I would have found an answer or a preference to whether the truth is always the best option. I decided real growth stems from discomfort. Going off of this statement I find it difficult, yet rewarding to hear and learn from situations no matter how miserable they seem. I hope that this rant of mine was somewhat insightful. Sending love and good vibes and peace and blessings your way. 


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