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SMC is full of pups and we are more than happy to have JP on campus this semester! He is one of the most handsome and fun little guys you’ll ever meet! If you see him around, be sure to give him a big smooch (or else he’ll take it upon himself you give you one)!!! Here’s a little more about JP and what he likes to do! 

JP Abernethy

YOG: 2019

Major: Giving kisses

Minor: Cuddling

SMC Home: New Building 308


HC: Where is your hometown?

JP: I’m from Tennessee originally, but I was very young so I don’t remember which town. Right now I live in South Windsor Connecticut with my dad, Josh Abernethy, who rescued me. I love him very much!


HC: What is your favorite thing to do on campus?

JP: I love to play with my toys and I love to go around and say hi and give kisses to every single person I see.


HC: What is your favorite snack?

JP: I’ll eat literally anything you put in front of me, food is my favorite! But I love peanut butter and my treats the most!


HC: There are many other pups on campus, have you made any new friends?

JP: I’ve made so many new friends on campus, there isn’t another pup that I’ve met that I don’t love! I love to wrestle with them and smell their butts. Mmm yummy. My two best friends are Marlon and Franklin because they are usually on the same hall as me. We have lots of play dates. I used to always lose the wrestling matches because I was too small, but I’m getting bigger and bigger everyday so pretty soon I’m going to be able to win!


HC: When you want to make Josh mad, what is your go to move?

JP: Sometimes I like to make my dad mad by grabbing things that I know I’m not supposed to. See I’m kind of spoiled and have a whole lot of toys, but I love to get into the trash and get my dads clothes. I also have a kitten roommate named Gambler who I like to chase around and make upset. Sometimes I even like to get into his litter box! My dad doesn’t like it when I do those things at all! He gets mad at me when I do it and I usually have to go in my crate which is no fun because it means playtime is over. But I’m also really smart because I know I’m very cute so my dad won’t make me stay in the crate for very long, he’s very forgiving even though I can be very mischievous when I want to be.



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