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When it comes to taking chances in our lives, human beings can be the most irrational creatures on the planet. We set aside our instinct and consider only the worst possible outcome as an excuse to not pursue. We manipulate the truth into something it’s not– into something we fear. We hold ourselves back from jumping, fearing the height of the fall, never experiencing the potential of the flight. We fail to realize that, if and when we do fall, there is always a way to climb back up. Sometimes we restrict ourselves from an opportunity because we can only imagine rejection. Our power to forecast our future may be clouded with insecurities which brew deep from our surface. This vice in the human existence is tragic, to say the least. How can we ever expect to feel friendship, love, or companionship if we never want to take the dive into the unknown? So, by any and all means necessary just go for it, always. Take a deep breath and let go, you may come to question why you ever held on.


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