Class of 2020 Becoming Sophomores

At this point in time there are less than six weeks left in your last semester being a freshman. Guess what? You’re almost one whole year into your college career. You’re ¼ of the way done. 25% of college is over. Can you believe it? It feels like just yesterday the crazy, screaming O-Leaders were carrying all of your stuff upstairs to your brand new dorm room. How has a year already gone by? Your family is probably freaking out. “My daughter is already a sophomore, can you imagine?”

Being a college sophomore is a way bigger deal than being a high school sophomore. Getting through you freshman year of high school can be rough, but college is so different. Not only did you start going to a new school, but you knew no one when you got there. You basically started all over! You had to learn how to make friends without just walking up to someone and saying “wanna be my friend?” You ordered take out over the phone by yourself at least once. You went on some cool adventures, explored your new college town or city, had some memorable times with these memorable people that you all of a sudden became friends with.

You learned what it was like to live without your family. So weird! Mom and dad stopped nagging you to be home by 11 on the weekends, but they also stopped cooking your dinner every night and waking you up when you forgot to set your alarm. You learned that you can’t just ignore doing your dishes or laundry because if you don’t do it, no one will. You learned how to take care of yourself when you’re sick and how to nag yourself to do something annoying that you don’t want to do but have to do. You’re adulting! Although, you definitely overdosed on Netflix. But is that a bad thing?

You’ve started a whole new journey in your life! And the first chapter in your college experience, freshman year, is almost over. And hey, some of us are going to miss it a ton. This year was an brand new experience. You may have met your best friend, your college sweetheart, your favorite professor. You may have taken a class that changed the way you think or changed what you want to do with your life. You may have learned some valuable lessons about life and the people who you are close to. And, of course, you almost definitely learned something new about yourself.

So as the weeks wind down, take a second to reflect on all of the fun you’ve had this year, what you’ve learned, and what you want out of next year. Think about it: one year ago today you were just deciding on which school you wanted to go to. Did you imagine your life this way a year ago? Did you imagine that you’d ever get here? Well here you are! Everything you’ve gone through is all summed up nicely in your first year of college. In the blink of an eye, you’re about to be sophomore. So enjoy the rest of the year, class of 2020, do something awesome, and make the most of the next three!


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