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Campus Celebrity: Izzy Backman, An Amazing Mentor

The mentoring programs at St. Mike’s are definitely something to brag about. They allow college students to interact with children from local schools every week, benefitting both the college students and the kids! I am lucky enough to be involved in one of the mentoring programs here at St. Mike’s – Little Brother/Little Sister. Therefore I’m excited to introduce this week’s Campus Celebrity: Izzy Backman, LB/LS coordinator.  Her kindness, authenticity, and upbeat personality allow her to be the great mentor that she is make Izzy an amazing coordinator. Saint Mike’s is lucky to have her on campus!

Hometown: Cleveland, OH

Major: Biology

Year: Junior (2018)


HC: Why did you choose to come to St. Mike’s?

IB: During my junior year of high school, I won the Book Award from St. Mike’s.  I had never heard of the school and wasn’t planning on going far, but it was everything I was looking for in a school.  I love the small size, the liberal arts education and the enthusiasm St. Mike’s has for service and making a difference.  I have also fallen in love with the unique culture of Burlington and Vermont. 


HC: What’s your favorite memory from your time at St. Mike’s so far?

IB: My freshman year the biology department showed a movie encouraging us to attend the People’s Climate March in NYC, which was the biggest climate march in history.  I spontaneously bought a bus ticket and got to be a part of the action. That day, I marched among hundreds of thousands of people and fought for what I was passionate about.  It has definitely been the highlight of my college experience.


HC: Why did you get involved Little Brother/Little Sister?

IB: Before I came to St. Mike’s, I went on their Community Service Orientation Weekend (CSOW) and got to shadow DREAM, one of the mentoring programs on campus.  I had a blast and immediately decided that mentoring was something I wanted to be a part of once I got to college.

HC: Other than LB/LS, what else are you involved with on campus?

IB: Outside of LB/LS, I play intramural volleyball and whiffle ball.


HC: What’s your favorite thing to order from Einstein’s?

IB: Frozen caramel macchiato definitely!


HC: Where’s your favorite place to go in Burlington?

IB: Ben & Jerry’s or Uncommon Grounds Coffee!


HC: Advice to underclassmen?

IB: College can be a HUGE transition for some people.  Although it can seem overwhelming, keep in mind that you may not find your calling or meet your best friends within the first few months of being at school.  Take it day by day, reach out if you need any help, and get involved in the many opportunities St. Mike’s has to offer!




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