Big Girls Do Cry (A Playlist)

Fergie was wrong. Big girls do cry. 

It is Health, Safety and Beauty week here at SMC and as most of you might guess “beauty” isn’t my strong suit, but I know how to make a mean playlist. I chose to write on the mental health day because I believe mental health is one of the most important pieces of your overall health. Recently there have been huge efforts to break the stigma around mental health and getting people to talk about their mental health openly. I personally have struggled with my mental health and I know plenty of people around me who also share my struggle, so if you are struggling, please know you are not alone.

So this week I decided to construct a playlist that you can throw on and cry your eyes out to. It is called “Big girls do cry” on spotify, but there is a longer version called “tears” on my spotify as well. Because let’s be completely honest here, everyone cries, and if someone never cries don’t trust them. Also, don’t trust a b*tch who looks good while crying, that’s just sketchy. Whether you admit it or not, there’s always that one song that brings tears to your eyes.

Crying is one of the healthiest things you could do, I never feel better than after a good cry. It helps  get everything out so you can start fresh again. Maybe you’re a drunk crier, that’s cool. Maybe you only cry at Marley and Me, that’s cool too (because everyone cries at that movie it’s so damn sad). Or maybe you’re crying over a boy that you really shouldn’t be. Any reason why you’re crying is okay, as long as after you pick yourself up and say “everything will be okay,”---because it will be. One quote that has helped me through many difficult and sad situations is: “Do not search for the answers which could not be given to you now.” So cry your eyes out, then wipe your tears, put on a brave face, tell yourself you’re okay and get back out there.

(All of these songs can and should be screamed when sung, especially on a rainy day, which we seem to have a lot of here in VT)

(This is what we all look like crying)


1. Dreaming with a Broken Heart- John Mayer

John Mayer is so beautiful. “When you’re dreaming with a broken heart, giving up is the hardest part. She takes you in with her crying eyes then all at once you have to say goodbye.” This song is so sad, John’s girl left him and now all he can do is dream about her.


2. Whiskey, Whiskey, Whiskey- John Mayer

I found this song a couple weeks ago and I fell in love with it. It’s terribly sad, but something about John Mayer gets me (he’s just super dreamy). “It’s just a phase, it’s not forever.” The harmonica in this song is beautiful and works with John’s voice so well. Throughout the song, John really opens up about his drinking problem during his life and how he knows he needs to stop drinking. “Dreamed somebody missed me, wake up shake it off and repeat” Poor John, I miss you


3. Patience- The Lumineers

There’s no words to this song, but somehow the piano says all it needs to. The Lumineers absolutely killed it with their latest album and this song is so different from many others that it catches your ear. I have always loved the piano and this song captures the beauty of the instrument.


4. Fire & Desire- Drake

This is one of the softer songs from Views, but it hits. The beat is hard and Drake does a classic slow rap that flows perfectly. He loves this girl and wants her to be with him, “You a real ass woman and I like it.” Then Drake gets super real and says: “Should I cut these other girls right out of my life cause we never decided?” Like damn Drake is about to settle down with this girl. Song has a great overall vibe


5. Breathe Me- Sia

This song should be in every sad movie because it’s definitely one of the saddest songs I’ve ever heard. You can almost hear the hurt in Sia’s voice. Honestly this always makes me feel some type of way after listening. This song was in the movie “Cyberbully,” probably one of the best ABC Family films ever made. I never pass up a chance to watch it, it’s sad as f*** but made well.


6. Why Do I Feel- Dierks Bentley

Dierks Bentley’s newest album titled “Black” is really really good. This song is super sad, has a very dark feeling to it. “Don’t want my suspicions to drive you away.” “Why do I feel, like you’re slipping away?” He doesn’t understand why he can’t be happy and keeps messing with their relationship because he feels like something is wrong, poor guy.


7. Jolene- Ray LaMontagne

This is a cover, but I like it better than the original because it’s slowed down and feels more real in some way. “Been so long since I’ve seen your face or felt a part of this human race.”


8. Love in the Dark- Adele

As I’ve said before Adele’s album 25 was gold. This song in particular has an amazing build up that you can really feel. Adele can’t pretend to not love this boy anymore: “I can’t love you in the dark, it feels like we’re oceans apart.” This is always a go to for a rainy car ride.


9. Keep It To Yourself- Kacey Musgraves

I love this f***ing song so much. The lyrics are amazing and Kacey Musgraves is super underrated. “If you're looking for someone/Make it someone else/When you're drunk/And it's late/And you're missing me like hell/Keep it to yourself.”


10. Close To You- Rihanna

This is the softest song on Anti and it’s so beautiful. Rihanna has the one of the most soothing voices ever. “I know you don’t need my protection, but i’m in love can’t blame me for checking.”


11. When We Were Young- Adele

Shoutout to Elis, she knows what’s good with this song. I really relate to the line, “let me photograph you in this light, in case it is the last time that we might be exactly like we were before we realized we were sad,” because you know I’m always photographing people to remember things. Adele is obviously still in love with this boy she used to love when she was young and can’t get over it, we’ve all been there girl.


12. Marvins Room- Drake

The most classic Drake song ever. BY FAR. The beginning: “I just wanna go to the club,” “something about a cold drink, I don’t know.” Drake is so sad about losing this girl, he’s heartbroken. He also explains what every drunk person thinks when they want to talk to their ex: “I’ve been drinking so much, that Imma call her anyway and say ‘f*ck that n**** that you love so bad, I know you still think about the times we had.’” Never a good idea. Drake is just trying to say you can do better girl, think about it.


13. Make You Miss Me- Sam Hunt

The acoustic mixtape is better than the actual album, it’s called Between the Pines. It really shows off how talented Sam Hunt is. This song is exceptionally sad: “I ain’t gonna be that easy to leave. Girl I’m gonna make you miss me. Make you wish that you were sleeping in my shirt, lie about my jacket and tell everyone it’s yours. When your phone rings after midnight and you’re thinking maybe it’s me.” Enough said.


14. We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off- Ella Eyre

Shoutout to Phoebe, she crushes this song when she sings it. “We don’t have to take our clothes off to have a good time, we could dance and party all night and drink some cherry wine.” This is great advice for all of us ladies out there. Ella Eyre's voice is amazing and the strings compliment her voice perfectly.

(Ella Eyre is f***ing gorgeous btw)


15. Undone- Haley Reinhart

This was my high school JAM. You know ya girl was cruising to this song on a rainy days crying at the wheel, it really hits me on a personal level. “Tell me where love goes when it’s gone, tell me where hearts go when they go wrong. Suddenly someone is no one, I’ve come undone.” Also the line, “I’m sorry I let me, fall for you” just hits.


16. Almost Lover- Jasmine Thompson

“Should’ve known you’d bring me heartbreak, almost lovers always do.” This song is just wow. “Goodbye my hopeless dream,” she just really roasts this guy, even though she definitely had the feels for him at some point. Also, an “almost lover” explains what relationships have become lately. “Did I make it that easy to walk right in and out of my life?”


17. Make It To Me- Sam Smith

Sam Smith is a legend. Absolute vocal god.”You’re the one designed for me a distant stranger that I will complete.” I have cried on countless occasions to this song. Sam just really wants this relationship to work out, “keep your head down and make it to me.” The entire thing is a plea, Sam saying he needs this person in his life.


Until next time, remember: big girls DO cry.