Ballin' on a Budget

College students are notorious for having literally no money all of the time. Even if you have a job at school, that money seems to magically disappear before you even get it. As tragic as it is, we can all bond over how broke we are with these relatable moments and feels.


Your friends always go out to eat without you

They’re all, “hey, we’re going to get dinner downtown, you wanna come?” and you’re just fuming because good, non-cafeteria food is all you want in that very moment. But guess what? You have to spend your money on NON food related items because you’re broke. You just walk on down to the cafeteria to get your free food while you see the snaps of the beautiful restaurant food.


You fill your gas tank in $5 increments

You only have to get to the store and back, right? I can make it there with 5 miles of gas left, right? Eh, maybe I should get some gas. Okay just kidding I don’t have $40 to drop on a full tank of gas at this very moment (or ever). Well, $5 is enough for now. (Now repeat this every time you drive somewhere).


Everyone has nice new clothes except you

You go out on a Friday night and everyone looks like a million bucks with their cute skirts and bodysuits and whatnot. It’s like every weekend they come out in something new! Meanwhile you’ve been wearing the same jeans and flannel every weekend since you got here. Solution? Borrow your roommate’s clothes. Your roommate’s closet is an untapped wonderland comparable to Forever 21 that you are missing out on.


You use the phrase “treat yo self” too much

Hmm, I wonder why you never have any money. Is it maybe because you splurged again and bought five pairs of leggings online? Wow, shocker. Treat yo self, right? Yeah, you said that last time. And the time before. And now every time you go to a store you’re like “oh I only have $10 but treat yo self right?”


You and your other broke friends compare broke-ness

I’m always like, “Guys guess how much money I have in my bank account right now! $15!!!!” And then someone always has to one up me and respond, “Wow, you’re rich dude I only have $5.” And the you both just laugh for a little while and let that sink in.


Yeah, having no money SUCKS. But hey, that’s why we’re going to college! We’re going to make millions with our degrees and then never have to eat ramen every night again… right?



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