Back To School with It's Always Sunny

If you’ve ever seen the show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, you know that each of the five characters has their own weird personality and quirks. And while they’re all crazy, we can all relate to them somehow. Here’s what it would be like if the cast of IASIP came back to school this fall with us.




Been here for five minutes and room is already completely trashed. Doesn’t have a major yet but is a senior. Gets really involved with classwork even though he can’t read and write. Confident, but no one knows what he’s talking about.



Theater major looking to score that lead role this semester. Tries out different “characters” on her friends so she can practice. Color coded everything. Brought six bins just for clothes.



Didn’t even know what day classes started. Got back to school and just fell asleep without unpacking anything. People are starting to wonder if he even goes to this college.



Excited to go back to school but not excited to do schoolwork. Lives for the weekends and throws ragers in his dorm. Fridays and Saturdays only. Already dropped three of his classes and forgot to add. Goes to Alliot 6 times a day.



Walked into Alliot and fell in love. Has at least three SMC crush posts already. Wears a dress shirt and khakis to class everyday so he can “get into a routine.” Does well in classes because he’s a teacher’s pet, not because he does any work.


Well they might not be very functional at college, but you have to admit, it’d be pretty entertaining to go to school with them!




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