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Assistant Director for Annual Giving, Michaela Rivers: An Inspirational Alum

Meet Michaela Rivers, an inspirational SMC alum who always has a smile ready for anyone she encounters! She is a positive force on campus that is hard to miss, and while I might be slightly biased, I think it is a pretty universal opinion that Michaela is an SMC alum who will brighten your day no matter how much the Vermont weather may be messing with you. I always leave any interaction with her feeling slightly better about whatever issue I was worried about– she is great at giving gentle reality checks and applicable advice!



HerCampus: Where are you from?

Michaela Rivers: I grew up in the small town of Dalton, MA in the beautiful Berkshires.


HC: What year did you graduate SMC?

MR: 2014


HC: What was your major?

MR: I majored in Psychology and minored in Religious Studies


HC: What type of activities did you participate in while a student at SMC?

MR: I was a Resident Assistant for 2 years and an ACA my senior year. I volunteered with the Little Brother, Little Sister Program for two semesters and I studied abroad in South Africa for a semester. I also enjoyed attending the athletic events as often as I could.


HC: How has SMC affected you post-graduation?

MR: Well, now that I am working here, I’d say it still has an effect on me. The friends and connections I made while I was a student and continue to make as a staff member, are what I am most thankful for. They went out of their way to get me to where I am today- from helping with my resume to improving my interview skills to preparing me for the next level in my career. I am very grateful to be a part of the SMC community. I now make it a priority to help a current student or alumni because that is what was done for me.



HC: What do you miss most about being a student at SMC?

MR: I definitely miss having all my friends in such close proximity. Everyone is dragged in so many different directions after graduation and you miss the days when you could just walk 5 minutes to see someone. I also really miss Derby Day.


HC: What do you do at SMC today?

MR: I am the Assistant Director for Annual Giving. More specifically, I oversee the Phonathon program, Senior Class Gift campaign, and Class Agent program, which focuses on young alumni outreach.


HC: What is one long term or short term goal that you are currently working to accomplish?

MR: Short term goal, I plan to run my third half marathon this summer. Long term goal, I hope to attend graduate school in the near future- I think that would make my grandmother really happy.



HC: Do you have any advice for a current SMC student?

MR: Get involved and get out of your comfort zone! Take advantage of all the wonderful opportunities on campus- sign up for a service trip, study abroad, go whitewater kayaking, take a dance class. When you’ve graduated and you’re living in the wonderful real world, you don’t want to think about all the things you “should” have done.


HC: Finally, please pick three words to describe yourself!

MR: I had my mother do this one for me… she chose caring, affable and loyal.

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