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7 Reasons Why I Love Coffee

1.  Warm and cuddly/ cool and fresh

Whether I’m cuddling up in a lodge to warm my hands after a long day of skiing or I’m driving to the beach on a 90 degree summer day, my coffee always levels me out. It’s perfect for any weather!


2.  Brings friends together

More often than not, whenever I get coffee, I’m with some of my friends. Walking to Dunks after class is one of my favorite activities and gives me and my friends a chance to catch up over coffee. Going on a coffee date is super cute too. Meeting up with old friends or professors over coffee is also a great and casual way to reconnect and enjoy time with the people you love.​


3.  Customizable

Coffee comes in so many varieties! No matter what my mood is, there’s a flavor to match it. Of course everyone has their go-tos (mine’s caramel), but sometimes I’m feeling exciting and I’ll get blueberry or other times I’m feeling like going simple with just milk. That’s the great thing about coffee: one person can drink it black, another person with extra cream and sugar, and you both get to enjoy the delicious treat.


4.  Wakes you up better than an alarm clock

It doesn’t matter if I get 3 hours of sleep or 10, coffee always does the trick to get me going. Hearing that 7:30 alarm for class might make you want to cry, but just think about the Keurig brewing you a nice cup of coffee to get you ready to take on anything. Wakey wakey!


5.  It literally smells amazing

You just can’t beat the rush of flavor that hits your nose and your taste buds when you walk into a coffee shop. Coffee just smells so good! It comes in so many forms too: coffee itself, coffee flavored foods/candies, coffee scented products (yes, there is a coffee face mask and yes, I use it regularly). You can just never get tired of that smell.


6.  Study buddy

All of a sudden it’s 10 o’clock on a Sunday night and you realize you forgot to write a paper due tomorrow. No worries, coffee’s got your back. A small (or large) cup of your favorite blend will not only keep you motivated, but also give you a little inspiration for that all nighter.


7.  Pick me up

Whenever I’m feeling sad or dreading going to class, all I can say is coffee makes me feel better. Knowing that my friends bought me Starbucks while they were in town makes me so excited. Maybe I’m addicted or maybe it’s just freaking delicious, but if I’m feeling down and someone gets me a coffee, I’m always feeling a whole lot better.



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