5 Ted Talks for Coping with Life's Obstacles

All photos are stills from the original talks posted on ted.com


As a kid my favorite thing to do when I was stressed out or blue was to color and watch cartoons. Now, for some reason, I seem to turn to TED Talks for comfort during rough times. The great thing about TED Talks is that, no matter what the subject is, you’re going to learn something new about yourself and the world. A lot of the times, too, they can provide you with some really insightful ideas on how to best overcome whatever obstacles life is throwing at you. I found five in particular that I thought were great for this and would do a lot of good for everybody.


Brené Brown: The power of vulnerability



In this talk, renowned researcher and social worker Brené Brown discusses the power of what we far too often fear: being vulnerable. Throughout her stagetime Brown explores the necessity of being vulnerable and taking risky steps throughout life. While we may be nervous to take initiative and explore the unknown, she stresses that this vulnerability is what makes us human and allows us to grow.


Guy Winch: How to fix a broken heart



Let’s face it: at some point in life, everybody is going to experience heartbreak. Sure, this hurts; but it doesn’t last forever. In this powerful and deeply personal discussion, psychologist Guy Winch offers some hope for all of his listeners, exploring the importance of community and self love in overcoming heartbreak.


Robert Waldinger: What makes a good life



While much of our lives are spent focusing on education, careers, and money, these things obviously aren’t the only key to a fulfilling life. Psychiatrist Robert Waldinger has spent his entire career working for a study over seventy years old on adult development; from this, he has some fascinating insight to share with us on the value of family, friends, and love in living a happy life.


Mel Robbins: How to stop screwing yourself over



For anybody that’s in need of a pep talk, Mel Robbins is the person to go to. With her blunt and raunchy humor, this life coach and CNN commentator offers some tips on how to be the happiest and most successful version of yourself that you can possibly be. While her methods may not be as easy as putting on a face mask or eating a salad, they are backed by years of wisdom and will force us to reevaluate our life goals in a productive way.


Anne Lamott: 12 truths I learned from life and writing



In her fifteen minute discussion, writer Anne Lamott seems to truly embrace Brené Brown’s message on the importance of vulnerability. From the silliest anecdotes on dark chocolate to the shocking wisdom behind plugging and unplugging things to make them work again, Lamott has a philosophy for just about every twist and turn in the human experience. Listeners will learn everything about Lamott’s life while picking up on the random but insightful bits of wisdom she has found along the way.