5 Reasons to Keep the Job You Hate

I just started a job that I’m not particularly fond of. I, like most others, have had jobs I like and jobs that aren’t great, but this is one of the first jobs I have had that genuinely has been making me miserable. It’s a nannying job for four middle school kids who simply DO NOT care what I ask them to do. I wouldn’t really care about this as much if they at least chatted with me and we had a friendly relationship but every time I talk to them it’s pretty clear I’m bugging them. No one wants to feel like they’re bothering people all the time, so I generally just give in and let them do their thing and just hope their parents realize it isn’t my fault that their kids don’t do what they’re asked. I was super frustrated while I was there today because they didn’t do my simple requests (ONE chore and maybe just START your homework) and were just sitting on their phones watching mega-annoying Youtube videos. As I was sitting there feeling disrespected and bored to tears, I started to make a mental list of all the reasons I should not quit this job. 



Let’s be honest, money talks, and it’s whispering sweet nothings in my ear. All college girls need some money in their pocket for all those cute tops they want but don’t need, groceries that always cost ten dollars more than expected, and drinks at the bar on the weekends when unwinding from these jobs we don’t like. 



On the money wavelength, a big reason I needed this job was because I am going abroad next semester. Bopping around Europe is not cheap! I can handle some whiny teens if it means a few more stops in my travels. 



Maybe not in this job of mine now, but in general all jobs are a way to bulk up the resume in one way or another. I had an unpaid internship this summer (another reason I need some serious cash flow right now) and although it seemed daunting sometimes that my time and energy wasn’t having immediate gratification, it was a great experience and looks great on my resume. 



We all love feeling productive and like we have accomplished something! The time you spend working you realistically would have been spent watching Netflix and instead you made some money, got out there, and socialized in the world. 



Seriously, at the end of the day work is work and if you don’t love your job but you have solid income--sh!it could be worse! Go out and treat yo self to some jeans and an iced coffee after work, because you can, because it’s in your budget, and that's exactly what I did today.