15 Beauty Gurus to Watch on YouTube

Need a break from all of the work you’re doing as the school year comes to an end? As someone who has been somewhat addicted to watching YouTube videos for the past few years, here are 15 beauty gurus on YouTube that you should check out if you need a break (or if you’re procrastinating, which is something I’m guilty of).

1. Zoë Sugg (Zoella)

Zoë joined YouTube in 2007 and became more active in 2009, but originally started with a beauty blog. She has just recently hit 10 million subscribers and that number continues to go up daily. She’s a British YouTuber and the author of Girl Online and Girl Online: On Tour, has her own beauty line (Zoella Beauty which consists of body scrub, makeup bags, etc.), and she even has a wax figure, along with her boyfriend, in Madame Tussauds Wax Museum! She is inspiring not only because she has accomplished all of these things, but also because she talks about her struggle with anxiety, which impacts the lives of many. Her videos vary from makeup tutorials, baking, tags, and the list goes on! She also posts vlogs on her other channel, MoreZoella. Her brother, Joe Sugg (ThatcherJoe), and boyfriend, Alfie Deyes (PointlessBlog), are also YouTubers.

2. Tanya Burr

Tanya is another British YouTuber who has been on YouTube since 2009 and has almost 3.5 million subscribers. Tanya also openly speaks about her struggle with anxiety, as Zoë does. She has her own makeup line (eye shadow, nail polish, lip gloss, etc.) and has written Love Tanya and is currently in the process of creating a cookbook! Her channel consists of makeup tutorials, baking, vlogs, etc. She’s also married to another YouTuber, Jim Chapman.

3. Ingrid Nilsen

Ingrid, formerly MissGlamorazzi, has been on YouTube for 7 years. She originally started out as a “beauty guru”, but over the past few years, she has started to create more of a variety of videos. She has recently come out as being lesbian and is a huge advocate for the LGBT community. She’s also recently come out with a new podcast, “Ladies Who Lunch”, with fellow YouTuber, Cat Valdes (Catrific).

4. Eva Gutowski (MyLifeAsEva)

Eva has been killing it on YouTube recently. She has been on YouTube for five years and has almost reached 6 million subscribers! She has some humor in her videos, as she creates skits, but she also adds in hauls, DIYs, etc. Her song, “Literally My Life”, has over 23 million views and is really catchy, although it’s more of a “having fun” kind of video versus her actually trying to start a music career.

5. Bethany Mota

Bethany, formerly Macbarbie07, has been on YouTube since 2009 and has almost hit 10 million subscribers. Some people might know her from Dancing with the Stars or because of her clothing line at Aeropostale. However, she got her start on YouTube and has music videos, DIYs, baking and fashion videos, and occasional vlogs on her second channel (BethanysLife). Although she doesn’t post as often as she used to, her videos are still great to watch!

6. Fleur DeForce

Fleur is yet another British YouTuber who has been on YouTube for 7 years. She has her own makeup line (eye shadows, lip gloss, etc.) and also has her own book, The Glam Guide. She briefly had a cooking show series on Sainsbury’s channel with her husband, Mike DeForce. She is in love with her dogs, which can be seen in her videos, which include hauls, monthly favorites, fashion videos, and vlogs on her second channel (FleurDeVlog).

7. Anna Gardner (ViviannaDoesMakeup)

Anna is a somewhat smaller British YouTuber, with around 375,000 subscribers, and she has been on YouTube since 2010. She has recently gotten into running, so she has some videos about that, but her videos also consist of hauls, vlogs, “get ready with me” videos, hairstyling, baking (her lemon drizzle cake looks AMAZING), and more!

8. Lily Pebbles

Lily is one of Anna’s good friends and guess what? They met through YouTube! She has been on YouTube for 5 years, has around 350,000 subscribers, and is also from England. Lily and Anna film videos together at times, including their “beauty chats”. More recently, they have been able to go on tour for Beauty Chat Live. Lily’s videos are quite similar to Anna’s, as they range from fashion, makeup tutorials, vlogs, etc.

9. Louise Pentland (SprinkleofGlitter)

Louise is another British YouTuber. She has been on YouTube since 2010 and has almost 2.5 million subscribers. She became friends with Zoë (Zoella) through making videos, and they have been close ever since. She has a five-year-old daughter, Darcy, and two cats which make appearances on her channel. She is bubbly, funny, and isn’t afraid to be herself! She has a tour, Louise Live, a plus size clothing range, and two books (Life with a Sprinkle of Glitter and Sprinkle of Glitter 2016 Diary). She does videos with her daughter, but also does hauls, tags, DIYs, and vlogs on her second channel (SprinkleofChatter).

10. Niomi Smart

Niomi is fairly new to the YouTube community, as she joined in 2011, but started posting videos in 2014; however, she has already reached over 1.5 million subscribers! Through her YouTube career, Niomi has made the choice to become vegan, and her videos reflect that. She frequently shows her workouts, recipes, and what she eats during the day in her videos. Aside from that, she has Q&A videos, makeup tutorials, vlogs, and fashion videos!

11. Amanda Steele (MakeupbyMandy24)

Amanda, or Mandy, has been on YouTube since she was fairly young; she started in 2010. She now has almost 3 million subscribers and her channel is mostly dedicated to fashion and makeup. It’s inspiring to see such a young person come so far. She has worked with Quay Australia to put out a line of sunglasses and BH Cosmetics for an eye shadow palette to name a few, and she’s only 16! Hauls, fashion videos, and makeup tutorials make up the majority of her videos.

12. Amelia Liana

Amelia is also a fairly new YouTuber, as she started in 2013, but she already has over 400,000 subscribers. She started as a beauty blogger, but has now added videos into the mix. Her addiction to chocolate is clear in many of her videos, and trust me, I can relate, but she also has videos with healthier recipes and what she eats in a day. She does “look books”, vlogs, collaborations (as many YouTubers do), hauls, and more!

13. Sam and Nic Chapman (Pixiwoo)

Sam and Nic are the sisters of Jim and John (TheLeanMachines) Chapman, but they have been on Youtube for quite a long time – they also just recently hit 2 million subscribers! They are both makeup artists, so almost all of their videos are makeup tutorials. They are both mothers to adorable children. Their job on YouTube has allowed them to come out with a line of makeup brushes, Real Techniques. I would highly suggest their Halloween makeup tutorials, but all of the videos they put up are amazing!

14. Estée Lalonde

Estée, formerly known as EssieButton, is a YouTuber located in England, but she is originally from Canada. She has recently hit 1 million subscribers and started uploading videos in 2011. She is obsessed with both tea and her dog, Reggie. She recently announced that she is coming out with a book about her life, Bloom. Her sense of humor and how down-to-earth she is, is something that really draws viewers in! She does hauls, makeup tutorials, monthly favorites, and vlogs on her second channel (Everyday Estée).

15. Rosie (MsRosieBea)

You can’t miss Rosie with that red hair of hers! Rosie is another somewhat small British YouTuber with just over 200,000 subscribers and she started in 2011. She can sing, draw, bake…what can this girl not do?! Recently, she’s put out a series of makeup tutorials that represent a certain decade, which are videos I definitely recommend watching! She also has amazing style and can do some pretty cool hairstyles, which I would also suggest checking out!

I know I said 15, but there is just one more beauty guru that I HAVE to mention. Tati Westbrook (GlamLifeGuru) is a self-taught makeup artist who dedicates her life to reviewing beauty products and giving reviews to her viewers. She has been on YouTube since 2010 and has almost 1.5 million subscribers. My favorite series that she does is “WTF”, which is where she tries out ridiculously priced makeup items. She also does “hot or nots”, “what’s new” at certain stores, dupe videos, favorites, and the list goes on! I would definitely check this beauty guru out…she definitely keeps it real!