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10 Signs That You’re A Grandparent At Heart

Many people can relate to being called the “mom” of their friend group, but can anyone relate to being called the “grandmother” of their friend group? There have been several occasions in which my friends have called me an “old lady” or “grandma,” so I would most definitely fall into this category. So how do you know you’re an old lady (or man) at heart? Here are 10 signs that could help you figure out whether or not you’re the “grandma.” 


1. Going to bed before 10PM

Normally college students are known for late nights full of writing papers, studying for tests, or out partying on the weekend; however, I have very few of these nights. In fact, I’m almost always in bed (on weeknights) by 9 PM, so when my friends see me up past this time they joke that it’s “past my bedtime.”


2. Watching TV shows and movies from the 1950’s

One of my favorite TV shows is I Love Lucy. There are also many other classics from the 1960s-1990s that I love, such as The Brady Bunch, The Golden Girls, and Green Acres (ever heard of that one?). Classics like The Sound of Music, My Fair Lady, and White Christmas (my favorite Christmas movie) also make the list. If you find yourself watching a TV series that ended decades ago, or that your friends have never heard of, then you might be an old person at heart.


3. You’re always cold

No matter what the weather is outside, I am almost always cold. Finding yourself curled up in bed with a few layers of clothes, fuzzy socks, tea, and a heating blanket on might be a sign that you’re a little older than you look. 


4. Power walking for exercise

Many times, my mom and I have walked around a track for exercise–we power walked. Power walking is definitely something that you might picture two older ladies doing in the morning to get in their daily exercise in, however, this is something that I do quite often because I’m too lazy to actually run.


5. You spend your free time doing puzzles

I’m definitely guilty of doing puzzles in my free time, especially over the summer. However, puzzles aren’t just limited to physical puzzles, I also love crossword, sudoku, and wordsearch puzzles! They relieves stress, but are admittedly something that you might see more in retirement homes. 


6. When your friends comment on your driving…

There’s nothing wrong with being a safe driver, right? If your friends either comment on your slow driving or complete stops at stop signs, then you might drive like an old lady (it’s also not helpful if you also find yourself driving a Cadillac from 1998, as I have).


7. Your taste in music

Going along with the idea of liking old movies and TV shows, enjoying (or jamming out to) music from the 50s and 60s is yet another sign that you’re an old person at heart.


8. When you constantly ask if people want food

We all know the type of grandmother who is always asking you if you’re hungry, and even if you’re not, they still give/make you food anyways. I find myself asking my friends if they want something to eat when they visit my house…and I’m most definitely the kind of person who will just take out food and put it out in front of my friends even if they aren’t hungry.


9. Going to a room and forgetting why you’re there

This happens to a lot of people, both young and old; however, it definitely happens more when you get older. If you find yourself frequently forgetting why you walked to a certain room, forgetting where you put something, or not remembering what you were going, you may be aging a little quicker than your friends.


10. You repeat yourself 24/7

Last but not least is something that I’m absolutely guilty of (and my friends can confirm this): repeating what I say to them…at least 3 times, minimum. If you find yourself telling your friends the same story multiple times because you forgot that you already told them, then that is a definite sign that you’re an old lady (or man) at heart!


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