Yee, and I Cannot Stress This Enough, Haw: A Country-Party Playlist

I may not be Miley Cyrus, but I still know how to aux the occasional hoedown throwdown. So, pals, I present to you (drumroll please)……..COUNTRY PARTY BANGERS!

*I realize that I may be within a small margin of individuals from Actual Chicago who listen to country music. So I’m going to disclose this small piece of juicy tea: I only listen to it on the boat, near the lake, or in the summer. Moving on.


1.     Red Solo Cup // Toby Keith

Proceed to party.


2.     Beer Never Broke My Heart // Luke Combs

You didn’t hear this from me, but there is a certain college out in a certain Indiana cornfield with a certain fraternity brother who mixes his rap bangers and country hits in one combined (and I quote) “playlit.” Cheers to you, Mysterious Fraternity Cowboy. Thank you for the recommendation. (Also—mom says I’m her favorite.)


3.     Knockin’ Boots // Luke Bryan

I promise I didn’t just include this because Luke Bryan is spicy. Okay, maybe I did. But still. This is the perfect bop to bop to with Cute Frat Boy One (or even Cute Frat Prospects Three and Seven).


4.     Honky Tonk Badonkadonk // Trace Adkins

You may or may not know this, but Trace wrote this song for me.

(Okay no he did not. But whenever it comes on, I like to pretend he did. Shake your badonkadonk ladies.)


5.     Sorority Girl // Luke Bryan

This one, believe it or not, is not another shameless Luke Bryan plug. But it is a Phi Mu plug. LIOB BBs!! 


6.     Simple // Florida Georgia Line

I just want to fall in LOOOOOOOOOOVE damnit. Until then, though, I have FGL. Thank you for your service, boys.


7.     Life is a Highway // Rascal Flatts

My friend Kales and I saw these absolute icons in concert way back when in our quaint little friendly village. The crowd went absolutely berserk when they played the opening chords to this one. Sure, it is no "Come On Eileen". But it is still a good Get Everyone Humming Along song.


8.     Get Along // Kenny Chesney

Ah, yes. The classic message of "can’t we all just f*cking get along?!" He has a point. Is there fighting over the keg? Are there brawling girls? Are weaves being thrown, and is hair being yanked? Yes? Okay first, record that quality content and send it to me. Next, queue this song so maybe SOMEONE gets the message. If not, resume. Yeehaw.


9.     Chicken Fried // Zac Brown Band

It’s a classic. Have you seriously not added this to your playlist yet? What the hell is wrong with you? Get on that A$AP Rocky, please and thank you.


10.  Take Me Home, Country Roads // John Denver

Remember that certain cornfield fraternity house I mentioned earlier? This may or may not be their clean up song. And if, by chance, it is…they did good.