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Why Summer Camp Is the Best Place on Earth

Ah, summer camp. The thing you only hear about in movies. Anytime I thought of summer camp, all I could think about was the Parent Trap, thinking that if I went I would either have a million pranks pulled on me or I would find my long-lost twin sister. However, camp is so much more than that. You can go to camp at any age, as a camper, as someone going on a trip, as a teen leader, as a counselor, or even someone in charge of a camp. Camp doesn’t discriminate based on age, gender, sex, race etc. It is a magical place where everyone is welcomed with open arms, and where you can be utterly yourself. There is a multitude of different types of camps, single sex, co-ed, residential, day, all-around and even specialty camps like horse camp or art camp. The options are endless, and the results from going are positive.

1.     You meet some of your best friends.

You’d be surprised how close you get to the people that you go to summer camp with. I met some of my best friends at camp from being a camper, a teen leader, and a counselor. You are in an environment where you almost have no choice but to get close, and you get to meet some of the coolest most rad and unique individuals that you would have never gotten a chance to meet if you hadn’t had gone to summer camp.

2.     You find a new love of nature.

Think you don’t like nature? Go to summer camp. It is a place to better yourself and connect to the world around you. You see the beauty in things that seem simple.

3.     You get to be utterly yourself and gain self-confidence.

You learn that you can do more than you ever thought you could and you are valued for your talents and your struggles.

4.     You learn a lot about yourself.

Summer camp can push you to your limits. I remember I went on a hiking trip with 20+ pounds on my back thinking “There is no way I can make it up that hill, I will topple over. There is no way I can do it.” But I did it, with the help of others believing in me and as cheesy and stupid as it sounds, me believing in myself. You learn what things you love, what you look for in friendships, what you value, and so much more at summer camp.   


5.     You make some of the best memories that you will ever make.

All in all, you will make some of the best memories at summer camp. Whether or not you’re a camper, a leader, or a counselor you will meet some of the coolest people ever. You will make some of the craziest memories you could ever make. Go to summer camp, you will never regret it.

Junior at Saint Louis University studying social work & political science
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