The Top 5 Things That Help Make Long Distance Work in College

As a college student, each one of us has to balance our academics, résumé boosting extracurriculars, a social life, mental and physical health, a job/internship, and maybe, if you’re lucky, some sleep. Maintaining a healthy, long-distance relationship--let alone a normal relationship-- during the most important and stressful years of your life may seem impossible to many, and rightfully so. However, when you find the right person, dedicating yourself to them though hours away from each other is worth the physical inconvenience. But how do you make such a relationship work without putting a strain on yourself or your partner? Communication.


  1. Make it count.


In today’s culture, it is normal to text your significant other 24/7 about everything you do. Well, don’t. Having to take a break from your busy schedule to send a meaningless “What’s up?” “Studying. Wbu?” “Same” does not help you or your partner. Doing this just distracts both of you from important matters and makes talking to one another seem like a chore. Instead, send day-making good morning text messages and important updates. Then, plan a time during the day or every other day to Facetime and fill each other in on how school is going. A short, though meaningful conversation where you get to see and hear each other is better than non-stop texting, any day.


  1. Be truthful.


Being honest is a pretty simple and self-explanatory concept- tell the truth. Keeping your significant other in the loop of what you’re doing and not being shady is imperative to a lasting relationship. Being hours away from one another can cause a bit of paranoia. “What are they doing? Are they with that one friend I don’t like? Are they being safe?” If you decide to go out to the bar with some friends, just tell them. Additionally, if you are unhappy about something in your relationship, tell them. By acting as though nothing is wrong, you will become miserable as the relationship becomes meaningless, causing you both to eventually grow apart. Do not sneak around to attempt to please them; frankly, lying to keep your partner with you is not a true relationship. Be respectful to your significant other by being honest with your desires, needs, and plans.


  1. Spice it up.


Let’s face it, physical contact is one of the most important aspects of a relationship. Being in a monogamous partnership spanning across hundreds of miles definitely makes this extremely difficult. When you are missing them, tell them how you feel without being able to cuddle or kiss. If you are comfortable enough with your partner, do not be afraid to send risqué Snapchats or messages to one another either. Obviously, you would need to set parameters with one another, but this is a way to keep desires from depleting while apart. Doing this will only make the reunion even more special. Also, it could give you the chance to treat yourself to some nice lingerie.


  1. Keep common interests.


When you both finally have a break during the week, sit down and do something together, even without physically being near each other. For example, watch Game of Thrones at the same time while Facetiming so you can talk about what is going on (AKA console each other when another one of your favorite characters gets killed off). Doing so gives you more to talk about and be excited about than just your day-to-day schedule. Being passionate about the same things is comforting because you are able to share your thoughts and opinions with one another on the things that mean the most to you.


  1. Appreciate one another.


Take the time out of your day to tell your partner how much you love and respect them. You could tell your partner how proud you are for acing that accounting exam or say how adorable they look in the last snap they sent. This will show them that you are paying attention to them and are willing to try to make the best of this relationship though apart. Thank them for their commitment towards your relationship and exclaim how lucky you are for having someone like them in your life. Little comments like this will make them feel appreciated and will continue to ensure your adoration for one another.