The Top 5 Places To Eat on Campus at SLU

These places are pretty decent for what SLU has to offer.

  1. Ameren Café A.K.A. the “B-School”


This place is located at a central location on campus, doesn’t cost $14, and hosts incredible sandwiches. This place is a great reminder that SLU does not always want to feed us poison. Breakfast sandwiches are served until 10:30 and cost no more than three dollars. The “magic” sandwich toaster takes your food from 0-100, real quick.


2. Fresh Gatherings.


On the Med Campus, the commute to this place is out of way if you’re not in a class there. However, it is worth your time to at least give this place a try. The food tastes refreshing, they’ve always got homemade baked goods and it’s run by student volunteers. The meal specials are tasty, affordable and you can use flex. This is the probably the closest you’ll get to anything home-cooked at SLU.


3. The Billiken Club and Grill.


This is a hidden gem of the BSC. A great place to meet up and eat with friends after a long day of life. As a huge chicken wing enthusiast, Bill Grill made this list because of the wings. I can’t get them anywhere else on campus, with a side of sweet potato fries. For those who want to get off and away from campus, but can’t, the Bill Grill is your saving grace. It’s ideal to eat here for dinner because the food doesn’t come out fast enough to grab and go between classes. They also accept Flex and meal swipes after 5:00 pm.


4. Jamba Juice.


The energy bowls are a delectable way to give your palate a breath of fresh air from all the junk food this campus surrounds us with. My personal favorite is the Island Pitaya bowl with frozen pitaya covered with granola, topped with blueberries, strawberries, bananas, coconut shavings, almonds and a drizzle of honey. Although it’s tucked away in the Fusz Lair, your body will thank you for at least attempting to eat healthy.


5. Grand Hall.


When you’re finally out of flex and down to your meal swipes, Grand has got your back. Or if you’re out of flex and meal swipes, there’s usually someone on campus who is willing to lend you a swipe, rather than flex. If neither of that applies to you, eat here because the staff rocks, the Mongolian grill and panini makers are bomb, they’ve got two ice cream machines and fancy soda machines. Grand Hall is the most bang for your buck, which is what all college students need.