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It sucks. It sucks to constantly be overly cautious about every move we make or every word we say and questioning every situation we are put in just because we are fearful. Whether it may be about the mistakes we made, the consequences of an outcome, or what others may think of us, fear of something causes us to overanalyze and overthink the most major and minor details of our life.


We cannot let this miniscule voice dictate our lives. We need to fight back this destructive voice in the back of our minds because it has done enough damage, but how can we do it? Realization, acceptance, and trust.


Realize there is no such thing as perfection. No matter how prepared we come for a situation, it will most likely not goes as we envisioned it, and that’s just how life works. We need to realize we cannot control every aspect of our life. Yes, there are some aspects that can be controlled, but if it is beyond your power then there simply is nothing that can be done, and that is perfectly okay. Life is not meant to be perfect, but instead it is meant to catch you off-guard and surprise you. If we lived in a perfect world and everything went our way, we would have no mistakes or experiences to learn from nor would we be able to see life from different perspectives.


Accept what happens. It’s so easy to become preoccupied with the minor details of a situation and wonder why we did this or said that or what we could’ve done better, but we shouldn’t let ourselves think like that. It is one thing to think about it for a few minutes, but letting these questions keep you up at night is a completely different thing. If we make a mistake or don’t like how the outcome turned out, the only thing we can do is accept it for what it is and learn from those experiences.


Trust yourself. Don’t let the opinions of others influence what you want to say or what you want to do. The only opinion that truly matters is yours. Try not to let what other people think of you make you afraid and stop you from doing what is best for you. Have a little confidence in yourself and trust your gut because only YOU are in control of your life. You know what you want and what’s best for you, and you can’t achieve those goals if you let others opinions of you get in the way.


I know it is easier said than done, but don’t let overthinking get the best of you. We cannot dwell in the past nor can we predict the future, but we most certainly can live in the moment.

Writer for HerCampus at SLU.
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