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I love sitting in coffee shops 

I like watching the hustle and bustle 

of other people’s days 

It makes mine calmer

I imagine 

The woman with the colored pencils 

will sell her art to a museum one day 

The man furiously typing 

is on the brink of the climax

in the third book 

of his bestselling series 

The high schooler 

with the chemistry equations 

spread out along the table 

is headed to Harvard

The barista who taps the counter top 

in between orders

is practicing a piano’s song

The young woman in tights

is headed to ballet 

I love sitting in coffee shops 

and watching other people’s days 

I imagine they think I am interesting too 

That they can tell from my wandering eyes 

that I’m in the midst 

of writing their story 

and wonder 

how it’ll end 

One tall Kansas goof with a lot of words to share.
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