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Seven Democratic Female Politicians to Watch Out For in 2021

Although there are many wonderful and empowering female-identifying politicians in the United States, I chose these particular seven female democratic politicians who I have personally done my research on, and have watched interviews and read articles about. It is so inspiring to me that the political landscape is diversifying in terms of being more inclusive to women who come from a multitude of different backgrounds. Of course, that being said, the road to achieving these positions has not at all been easy, and therefore, I am even more inspired by the hard-work and fight that these women have demonstrated in order to reach their career aspirations and represent their communities and voters correctly. 

Aside from everyday obstacles, these women have had to strongly and gracefully face harassment from male (and even other female) coworkers, political-naysayers, media-haters, socioeconomic challenges and more. These women have persevered and continued to work hard to reach their full potential. 

They are all planning supportive programs and have brainstormed new, exciting ideas in order to better benefit the people who need it most in their communities. This is not to say that everything they’ve done is perfect or that I absolutely agree with every past law or legislation that they have agreed with or conducted. However, as of the past year, I am incredibly enthusiastic that these seven politicians will continue to do marvelous and important things for our government. Their courage and drive is breathtaking, and I am hopeful for the first time in a long time about the upcoming political landscape in America. I recognize their ambition in doing what they believe to be right, even in the face of immense challenges or difficulties.

To me, these seven trail-blazing women are awe-inspiring politicians who are working tirelessly to ensure a more welcoming and fair country for the millions of Americans who are counting on them to use their voices for good and to advocate for change. Here are their names: 

Kamala Harris 

Kamala (pronounced like “COMMA-la”) Harris is the first Black/Asian-American Vice President, and also the first female Vice President of the United States. Wow. Need I say more? 

Harris has made history in her new role as V.P. to President Joe Biden, and continues to inspire millions of young girls (and people of all ages!) everyday through her acts of service and loyalty to this country. Born to immigrant parents, Harris previously served as the District Attorney of San Francisco before rising to the top and becoming California’s Attorney General. 

In 2017, she was sworn in as a Senator of California before being hand-picked by Biden. After reading her Vogue interview of when she and Biden won the 2020 presidential election, her quote directed towards young Americans pulled at my heart-strings: “I always say this: I may be the first to do many things-make sure I’m not the last.” Harris’s fight against injustice and sexism continues to inspire me, and I am excited to see the work she does as Vice President.

Deb Haaland 

President Joe Biden chose Representative Deb Haaland to become Cabinet secretary, and she is the first Native American in this role. In her new position, she will head the Interior Department, making substantial political progress for American Indigenous peoples. Haaland has been making history ever since she was a Democratic Representative for the First District of New Mexico. As a single mother who lived paycheck to paycheck, she understands firsthand the struggles that many people face, and this wisdom and experience is portrayed in her work as a politician.

Haaland is a fierce activist for her community, especially in advocating for environmentally sustainable business practices. In The Washington Post article “With historic picks, Biden puts environmental justice front and center by Juliet Eilperin, Dino Grandoni, and Brady Dennis,” a Tweet is shown in which Haaland states: “A voice like mine has never been a Cabinet secretary or at the head of the Department of Interior. I’ll be fierce for all of us, for our planet, and all of our protected land.”

Stacey Abrams

King-maker. That’s one of the best words to describe Stacey Abrams. After strategic planning and years of experience, she willingly volunteered to help register hundreds of people in her state of Georgia to vote in the 2020 presidential election. Democrats owe her a huge thanks that Georgia was able to flip blue, as she spent years organizing and helping to make sure that Georgians had their voices heard.

Abrams inspired 1.2 million Black Democrats in Georgia to vote for her when she made history in 2018 to earn the Democratic nomination for governor of Georgia. After losing by just 55,000 votes in the election (most of which is directly connected to voter suppression in the state), Abrams decided to establish an organization called Fair Fight to empower and register voters, and wrote a bestselling book about this issue of voter suppression. She is definitely a powerhouse, and a name to look out for in the coming years ahead!

Cori Bush

Yes! Some good ol’ St. Louis representation here (SLU students, this one’s for you!) Cori Bush is a Democratic Representative for Missouri’s first congressional district, which includes all of St. Louis City and most of the northern St. Louis County. She is a registered nurse, clergy, and childcare worker, but has been a devoted activist and leader, providing services and aid to the unhoused community of St. Louis and advocating on the “Ferguson Frontline” in 2014.

Bush has been a passionate Black Lives Matter organizer for the past six years, marching on the streets alongside many of her supporters. Bush never anticipated that she would run for office, but according to her Biography Page on her website, she decided to pursue public office because “she could not stand to see her son or daughter become hashtags of injustice without doing all she could to protect them.” 

I am so excited to see how the work of Rep. Bush will continue to make everlasting change in St. Louis!

Jill Biden

Yes, the First Lady herself! Dr. Jill Biden is the wife of President Joe Biden, and has chosen to continue her career as an English professor at Northern Virginia Community College. Dr. Biden is a longtime advocate for military families (coming from one herself!), and had published a book called “Don’t Forget, God Bless Our Troops” about her family’s personal experience in the point of view of her granddaughter, Natalie, when Natalie’s late father, Beau, was deployed to Iraq. As First Lady, Dr. Biden also advocates for cancer awareness and research, and works to someday end cancer with various initiatives and programs. I am in awe of her classiness, and appreciate her efforts to proactively help so many people with her platform.


AOC is not just known for her powerful speech-turned-TikTok-audio paired with the music of Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble.” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a feminist known for her strong-willed advocacy and passion for serving the people. AOC is the Representative for the 14th District of New York, proudly representing the people of Queens and the Bronx. After the death of her father, AOC worked as a waitress and bartender to support her single mother, which strengthened her passion in helping working-class people face problems regarding the socioeconomic divide. She ran for Congress on a progressive, people-funded grassroots campaign, and continues to be an unstoppable advocate for social, racial and environmental justice issues.

Tammy Duckworth

As an Illinois girl, I have personally been a fan of Senator Tammy Duckworth for years! Duckworth is the first female disabled veteran in politics and is also a Purple Heart medal recipient. She served as a Blackhawk helicopter pilot for the Illinois National guard when she was deployed in Iraq. In 2004, an RPG hit her helicopter and she lost her legs and the use of her right arm, but that did not stop her from living life to the fullest and dedicating her time to helping U.S. veterans and minority populations as a politician. She is a proud mother and really demonstrates that women can do it all!

All in all, these seven women inspire me in both their works as political activists and as human beings. Their passion, ambition and intelligence reflect their capabilities in and out of the office, and I am eager to see what happens next!

Maria is the HCSLU President for the 2021-2022 year. She is a rising senior with a major in Communication and a double-minor in Marketing and Film Studies. Maria was born in the Philippines and grew up around Chicago. She is a published author and poet, and loves all forms of inclusive story-telling, especially for media and entertainment!
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