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Save the Woman, Not the Boobies

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, there are a few things that needs to be said.

Although there are “cute” sayings/campaigns such as “Save the tatas!” or “Don’t let cancer steal second base!”, these phrases are not beneficial. Sexualizing a deadly disease that affects one in eight women does not support the survivors, the fighters, or the fallen. We must focus on saving the woman being affected by the disease and not only care about its effect on the possible sexual benefits of her breasts. These sayings claim that the breasts must be saved, disregarding the fact that these over-sensualized body parts are attached to a person.

Also, what if a woman has a mastectomy in order to save her life? This woman’s “tatas” were not saved, but she is still alive. Statements like the ones mentioned above remove these survivors from certain awareness campaigns because of their altered anatomy. They focus more on the sexual value of the woman instead of her being a person, which is extremely dehumanizing.

So, next time you decide to caption your Instagram photo with “I love boobies!”, think about the statement’s implications. Remember that the month of October is meant to bring awareness to the dangers of breast cancer and how it affects people. This disease impacts millions of people, and there is a chance it could someday impact you. Do not sexualize something that is life or death.

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