Not a Library, But a Home

As a senior graduating in May, I am living life to the fullest. I’m probably spending too much time and money going out to St. Louis bars, but knowing that this is the last semester I have with many of my friends, it is worth it. No matter where I go or who I am with, each weekend night ends the same—walking into Lannex at 1:45AM with no cares in the world.

The Library Annex is not a place one wants to actually go, but one that you have to stop by before you go home for the night. Whether you’re there for a quick beer or to share a Billy Bucket with your roommates, Lannex, much like Hogwarts, is always there to welcome you home.

From dancing on the stage to Ariana Grande to catching up with someone you haven’t talked to since freshman year gen psych, it is a magical place filled with regrets and every single person you have ever seen on West Pine. One can easily find comfort in the booths near the exit and steal a book from the library shelf as a souvenir before you leave for Pickleman’s.

With the restroom having only one functioning toilet at any time and watching across the bar as your best friend makes out with a very questionable man, we have all been able to survive and conquer Lannex.

Though you have taken most of my money and my dignity, I will always keep coming back to you, Lannex. Thank you for all the Long Islands and memories. See you next Thursday night, probably.