My Week in Florida

We decided to go to Florida for our spring break. Close to the ocean and away from this place with the cold, dry climate that we call St. Louis. Our vacation started with a drive under the night sky. Away from cities and on the highway with no light pollution, we drove under the stars. Excitement was in the air and music blasted the speakers. We sang ’til we were screeching, and then we sang some more. Half a day of traveling later, we reached Fort Walton Beach, Florida. We claimed our rooms and headed straight for the ocean, which was only a hop, skip and a jump away!

We parasailed and sat on banana boats, played golf and killed each other during Laser Tag, went on late night adventures, barely slept and took a million pictures. Because what is a holiday without posting it on social media and making your friends jealous?

We shopped for mementos and cheap clothes, for fresh fish and appetizing seafood. We went back in time while making sand castles and blowing soap bubbles on the seashore. We played volleyball and frisbee, floated over the waves, and almost got a scare when we could no longer touch the sandy floor.

Before we realized it, our time in Florida was up. We had to pack our bags and head back to the cold. The ride back had the same level of energy, with a few remembrances of which homework was due when. Just some college jitters.

We were there for just five days, but that time felt like an eternity, an eternity of not having to worry about homework or midterms. A week of stupid, crazy fun with friends that was more than enough to get me pumped for the rest of the semester.