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“Moxie”: a Must-Watch Movie For A Girls Night

After this past year, it seems like just about everything good on Netflix has been removed or just doesn’t live up to its hype. “The Office,” “Parks and Recreation,” “Mamma Mia,” and “Friends”, arguably some of the best shows and movies, have all been taken off Netflix. On top of that, Netflix originals from “Tiger King” to the last “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” have honestly been disappointing. It was getting quite boring. So leave it to the incredible Amy Pohler to direct a movie that is not just a must-watch for a girls night, but for everyone out there looking for some inspiration. “Moxie” should be on the top of your watch list so that we can all feel more motivated to reach our goals. 

“Moxie” is based on a book by Jennifer Mathieu and it depicts a story of a teenage girl who is fed up with the patriarchy. I won’t give any spoilers, but this movie is beautifully produced and well-executed by the cast. It’s a realistic depiction of the mess that life is sometimes. Mistakes are made, relationships are broken, and bad things happen, but when women find themselves in difficult situations, they can and will make a change.

With everything going on right now, “Moxie” is the perfect movie to watch to remind us that we can make an impact. In addition to that, it shows us that not everyone has to lead a protest or start a revolution to spark change. The characters are determined to reach their goal and hold each other accountable. They encourage each other to use their individual strengths to show their support. Whether it be through art, speaking up or simply listening, these characters have something to teach us.

We all have different and unique ways of showing support and using our voice; this movie will help you find yours.

Well done, Netflix. 

Sarah Gardner, originally from Kansas City, Missouri, is a freshman at SLU studying International Studies and Spanish on the pre-med track. When she isn't studying, she can be found listening to Taylor Swift, reading, and catching up with all things St. Louis Cardinals.
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