A Letter to my Roommate

Dear Roomie,


I don’t really know how to start this letter. I could do it with some cliche line about how we were made for each other or how I didn’t know what a friend was until I met you. But I know that you’re not really into all of that cheesy stuff, so instead I’ll just be honest. No sugarcoating here.

And honestly, I wasn’t sure how this year was going to go. We were both kind of shy, kind of apprehensive to open up at the start. We didn’t know each other’s comfortability with things, we didn’t want to step on any toes (and you still don’t). I didn’t know if we would get on that level of actual friendship. But you made it easy to.

The first thing that I admired about you was your talent. You are so creative with your music, with your hands and with your mind. I remember drawing on the floor with you and your art absolutely blew mine out of the water. You’re so talented, and yet you never seem to brag about it. Your musical skills are so cool, and I really admire them. Everytime you play I am blown away again. You also have such an amazing account, but you didn’t even tell me about it for far too long.  You never let yourself relish in my compliments, but you really should. You deserve all of the praise.

The next thing that I learned to love about you was your humor. Your sarcasm outmatches mine by 10 paces. And I really thought that I had sarcasm down. But your sarcasm was so good that I couldn’t tell if what you were saying was legit or not, and sometimes I still struggle. Then, once you got comfortable with me, you hit me with some pretty great one-liners. I didn’t know that you could be such a savage, but gosh do I appreciate it. I always laugh when you make my jaw drop like that.

But what I love about you most is your strength and your constant support. I had lots of academic struggles last semester, but you were a constant support to me. You believed in me and made me believe in myself. You taught me how to manifest it and I am so so grateful for you. But you have also had your own struggles, your own obstacles to push past. And I know that you don’t always talk about them, you don’t always let me know when you’re hurt. But I see the strength in you, and I feel the strength in you. I only hope that you see that strength in yourself. I believe that you are more than strong enough to accomplish your goals, and I can’t wait to see it happen.

Roomie, I just want you to know that I support you. Through your good days and your not-so-good days, I will be there. Whether you need to talk, you need a hug or you just need someone to sit there with you, I will be your person. I never want you to feel like a burden, because you never are. I am your absolute biggest fan and I want you to know that. I’ve got your back through it all. I am so proud of you. I love you to pieces, weirdo.



Your Roomie