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Joining a Sorority as a Sophomore

Joining a sorority as a sophomore is very different from, and maybe even a little harder than, joining as a freshman. Here is a guide for going through sorority recruitment and choosing a sorority as a sophomore!


Let’s start with rush. Rushing as a sophomore is a little different than rushing as a freshman, and it has its advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, it’s easier to talk to the girls at each party, because you share the experience of already being a college student. Conversations often shift from the overdone topics of hometowns and high school friends to involvement and life on campus, allowing you to show more of yourself and form a genuine connection with the girl you are talking to. There are a few downsides to going through recruitment as a sophomore, however. People, potential new members and current members alike, will ask if you rushed last year, why or why not, and why you decided to rush as a sophomore. It can be a bit frustrating to answer the same seemingly unimportant question over and over again. It can also be difficult to rank and choose a sorority when your friends are already members. You just have to remember that you will still have your friends regardless of which sorority you join, so choose the one that is the best fit for you, not the one that all of your friends are in.  


Now that you are a new member of the freshman pledge class, people will begin to assume that you are a freshman. However, you are most likely not the only sophomore in your pledge class, so try to get to know the other sophomores. You will have a lot in common to bond over, and you’ll always be at the same pledge class events and check-ins. You may get silly questions from people who aren’t in a sorority like “Do you still get a big even though you’re a sophomore?”, but you shouldn’t let little things like that bother you. Go on dates to get to know girls and meet potential bigs, and don’t worry about if they are the same age as you. It’s also important to note that you might not know where you fit into this new sorority right away. Don’t force things or try to instantly become part of the sophomore pledge class group. Take your time meeting and getting to know the girls in your sorority, and you will find your place and your people.

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