I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas

VERY popular opinion: November to January is seriously the most wonderful time of the year. Thanksgiving hasn’t even happened yet, but I’m already trying not to Fall-La-La behind on gifts. But this year, I want my gifts to be meaningful, and especially sustainable. While I may not have 2020 vision (shoutout to comedic genius Danny Bostany), the new year is definitely an opportunity for new sustainable lifestyle. Here are some tips for a sustainable gift-giving season!  

Give something useful

The most useful gift I have ever received is a DineSLU sustainability kit, complete with a bamboo fork, spoon, knife, straw, and chopsticks (for personal reasons, I actually replaced the bamboo dinnerware and straw with my own silverware and metal straw). I bring this with me everywhere, and it conveniently fits in the front zipper of my backpack. The reusable utensils are available for purchase on SLU’s campus at the Busch Student Center CStore, The Marketplace, or Grand Dining Hall for $5.99. 

Other thoughtful, zero waste gifts can be found at the Zero Waste Store. There are tons of options to explore, from reusable coffee cups to Zero Waste Store gift cards for some purchaser freedom. Packaging is also plastic-free on all orders! Personally, I think a reusable coffee cup is extremely beneficial for the earth and your wallet because many coffee shops, including Starbucks and Kaldi’s, offer discounts if you bring in your own personal cup. Cheers to saving money and the planet! 

Give an experience

Oftentimes, the most memorable gifts are not things that can necessarily be wrapped up with a bow. Maybe this year, you give your loved ones the gift of an experience: go to a concert, a baseball game, take a weekend trip to a fun city, cook a meal, have a fun staycation around campus, or even volunteer at a service site together! Spending your time with others and sharing an experience is something more valuable than any material gift.  


Last year, my best friend had our picture from the day we first met cartoonized by an Etsy artist. I still can’t get over the thought she put into this gift. Nothing is more endearing than receiving a homemade gift, whether it’s made by yourself or personalized by an artist. The Botanical Paperworks has an entire blog of Eco-friendly DIY Holiday Gifts (shhh, but I think I’m gonna make the lemon candles), and Etsy also has a list of 101 sustainable handmade gifts. Whatever you decide to create, the quality never matters. It’s the thought that counts most of all! 


Want to take further steps in making this holiday season sustainable? Please consider signing this petition to get Amazon to offer plastic-free packaging options. Thank you for taking the initiative to make our planet a little cleaner in any way you can!