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Days off are hard to come by in college. Saturdays and Sundays are bombarded with homework to catch up on or do to get ahead of a busy week. It is important to find a day every now and then to unwind and indulge yourself. Here is some inspiration for your next day off!


1. Go outside with a camera.

Take pictures of interesting things you find in the park, coffee shop, your neighborhood, or wherever else you want to go. This helps you find beauty in things you would usually be too busy to notice.


2. Do something you haven’t had the chance to do.

If you have always wanted to go to a yoga class but never had the time for it or have been wanting to try a new fall-inspired drink from your favorite coffee shop, this is the perfect day to try it.


3. Read a book for fun.

I know it’s hard to imagine, since reading a textbook for class is a grueling activity, but reading can be enjoyable. Immerse yourself in another story and get a break from reality.


4. Cook your favorite dinner.

Don’t worry, you can always Postmates another dinner if it doesn’t go well.


5. Have a DIY spa day.

Your day off should be relaxing and should be all about you. Light your favorite candle, put on a face mask and paint your nails because you deserve it.


6. Learn something new.

Netflix has a plethora of documentaries that aren’t like the boring documentaries we fell asleep watching in grade school. Or, you could pick up a new hobby by learning how to knit or paint.

Junior student at SLU just trying to give her mom something to put on the fridge.
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