How to Make the Best of Your Valentine's Day This Year

Valentine’s Day is more of a stressor than a holiday for many people. The stress of finding someone to spend it with lingers in the back of most people’s heads all year long. Now that the day is approaching, I think it is appropriate to write about ways that you can best spend your Valentine’s Day with or without a partner.

Valentine’s Day is meant to be full of love. I think that in times like this, where we are in a pandemic, we can extend this holiday to make a difference throughout the world. Love is a feeling that is almost magical because it is so hard to describe or define. Distributing this love throughout the world can provide a good feeling for both you and the recipient.

So, while making time for your significant other on this day is great, the love from this holiday is something we can all implement in our everyday lives as well. Now is the time to show our loves to others. Some ways you can do this are spending time getting to know your family better, making time for friends you do not often see and even spoiling your pet. All these things can provide two-way happiness. Love is the best gift you can receive on this day.

So instead of crying in your bed eating chocolate or being sad because of the state of the world, try focusing on the positives of the situation: the time we get to spend getting to actually know our family now that we are not overwhelmed with schoolwork and activities. The time we get to spend forming stronger relationships with all the friends we have had our whole lives, whether that be in person or online. And the time we have been given to change the world. This is a time for love to be dispersed throughout the world, so we might as well make the most of it. Valentine’s Day is just a day to recognize this love, but maybe this year we try not to forget it as quickly.