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Healthy Morning Habits to Boost Your Productivity

1. Get Enough Sleep   

It is important to be well rested. Getting enough sleep will help you stay focused and productive. Allow yourself to get at least 7 hours a night consistently and you will begin to see positive results.


2. Eat a Good Breakfast

Working on an empty stomach is never ideal, so energize yourself with a banana or a bowl of oatmeal. It can take less than 5 minutes to eat a quick breakfast. I promise it makes all the difference!


3. Exercise

Going for a short run or lifting some weights before starting the day is empowering. Knowing that you have already accomplished something in the morning makes it easier to overcome other challenges that may arise throughout the day.


4. Make Your Bed

Simply making your bed and tidying up around your space for 10 minutes will help you feel more organized and ready to be productive. Also, if your bed is made, you will be less likely to snuggle back into it.


5. Schedule Your Day

Keeping track of the tasks ahead of you is a great way to motivate yourself. Being able to check things off will keep you productive and feeling accomplished. And spacing out blocks of time for certain tasks will help you complete everything in a timely manner. Be sure to include short breaks in your schedule to allow yourself time to rejuvenate.


Remember that some days your best is different than others. This means you must adjust your daily goals to fit that day. Productivity is subjective, and sometimes just getting out of bed is being productive. Be sure to always prioritize your physical and mental health!

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