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HCSLU Members Share Their Favorite Strange Food Combinations

I asked the Her Campus SLU team to share some of their favorite –and strangest– food combinations. Here’s what they said: 


1. “My friend recently introduced me to mac and cheese and corn. It sounds weird but it’s surprisingly yummy!” – Emma Glose, Junior


2. “For comfort food, I put salt and butter in my rice. My friend calls it ‘asian grits.’” – Sydney Horn, Freshman


3. “Oatmeal with hummus topped with cayenne pepper, sauteed kale, black beans and hot sauce. Savory oats ftw!” – Maria Talty, Senior


4. “I like potato chips dipped in tomato soup. That’s probably not the strangest but I definitely get some weird looks for that one.” – Isabella Smith, Freshman


5. “My weird food combo is ketchup and scrambled eggs. Also, I met someone abroad who puts ketchup on pizza – it’s an atrocity!” – MaryCait Dolan, Junior 


6. “Dill pickles in vanilla yogurt is actually so good!” – Rylee Sundquist, Freshman


7. “I’m a big fan of eating tomato soup with M&M’s – not putting them in the soup, but eating them on the side with it.” – Lily Robertson, Sophomore


8. “This is REALLY weird but I like tuna and sauerkraut together on a sandwich!” – Maria Heuring, Sophomore


9. “I love french fries and mayonnaise. It sounds gross but it’s so good!” – Meaghan Connelly, Freshman


10. “I don’t know if Oreos and almond butter are weird, but they’re delicious.” – Hannah Hood, Sophomore


11. “I always prefer wrapping french fries in lettuce! Try it. Your life will be changed.” – Sarah Steen, Senior


12. “My friend dips hot cheetos in plain yogurt.” – Melissa DeGrado, Junior


13. “Ice cream sandwich with popcorn! I put the popcorn in the sandwich.” – Adora Nnam, Senior

Some responses have been edited for clarity and conciseness.


Annalise is a senior studying speech-language pathology at SLU.
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