A GIF for Each Song on Norman F*cking Rockwell!

It has been nearly a whole month since Lana Del Rey blessed us with her new album, which is filled with songs that feel like the classic Honeymoon era of Lana, making my inner angsty high school self nearly cry…actually I did cry listening to a few *shh!*. 


"Norman f*cking Rockwell"

            The first line of the song is literally, “G*ddamn, man child”. That’s hot.


"Mariners Apartment Complex"

            Lana explaining to a man how she can save him for 4 minutes:


"Venice Bitch"

            9 full minutes of sultry electric guitar and Lana telling us she’s over the B.S.:


"F*ck it I love you"

            The dark yet upbeat song of the album:


"Doin’ Time"

            She really did Sublime justice with this cover.


"Love song"

            A wholesome ballad about thinking they're ‘the one’, but spoiler(!!), they never are.


"Cinnamon Girl"

            The melody of this song makes this make sense, trust me on this.


"How to disappear"

            I can't help but relate this to a song about disappearing...



            Don’t we all just want a Cali love story?


"The Next Best American Record"

            Exactly how I dance to this song alone in my room at midnight:


"The greatest"

            Only Lana can get away with using the work “lit” in a song after 2017.



            She may not drink anything but Cherry Coke but this one makes me want to order an over-priced fancy drink at a bar.


"Happiness is a butterfly"

            At this point of the album I just want Lana to be happy; it's what she deserves.


"hope is dangerous thing for a woman like me to have- but i have it"

            It's sad, it's deep, and it's beautiful.


This album really was the best way to transition from hot girl summer to sad girl autumn.