Four Podcasts I’m Loving Right Now

Recently, listening to podcasts has become one of my favorite pastimes. Because so many aspects of our lives have transitioned into virtual settings, I have grown tired of staring at screens all day. Podcasts are great because they provide you with an endless supply of entertainment without forcing you to be glued to a screen. The best thing about podcasts is that you can listen to them while doing pretty much anything, like walking to class, cleaning the dishes or cooking dinner. While there are an infinite number of podcasts out there covering a multitude of topics, these are a few of my recent favorites.


1. "Girls Gotta Eat"

I’ve only recently started listening to this podcast, but it has quickly become one of my favorites. Hosted by two hilarious and authentic women living in New York City, these ladies talk all things dating, sex and relationships. While I am literally laughing out loud half the time I play this podcast, listening to Rayna and Ashley’s brutally honest advice and openness about their experiences has given me some major insight and tips on how to navigate the dating world. 


2. "Kalyn’s Coffee Talk"

As the name suggests, this podcast makes you feel like you’re grabbing a coffee with a friend and chatting about life. Each episode is categorized by a different kind of brew (espresso, decaf or cosmic) which relates to the topic she covers in the episode, like motivation, mental health or spirituality. This is my favorite podcast to listen to when I want to recenter myself, reflect on life and work on personal development. 


3. "This Might Get Weird"

In each episode of this podcast, the hilarious and charmingly chaotic hosts discuss all of the recent mishaps, strange encounters, eventful trips and every day oddities that have happened in their lives. Even throughout the pandemic, they’ve managed to keep their lives interesting and I find myself coming back each week to listen to them share wild and hilarious stories. If you are looking to brighten your mood and have a good laugh, this is the podcast for you.


4. "Radio Rental"

Rainn Wilson hosts this podcast as a mysterious character working in a video rental shop. Each season features a “collection of tapes” from the store and each episode contains a “tape” with a few stories submitted by listeners. Similar to the spooky campfire stories we used to hear as kids, these short anecdotes cover all things creepy and bizarre.