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Four Moments that Everyone can Recognize from Coming Home for the Holidays

1. Getting to see all of your hometown friends.



Seeing all of your friends from home can be awesome. For some, it may be months since you’ve seen some of your best friends. This also means the awkward meet ups of seeing people you haven’t seen since graduation. Get ready for all of the semester re-caps and possibly weird encounters.


2.  Remembering what it’s like to live with your parents again.



You may be a big time college kid, but when you are back home, you all the sudden have to fall back into the routine of living with your parents for a moment. Sure, it’s great to have that family time, but it’s pretty tricky to share that space in the home after living so independently for the past four months. At least you get home cooked meals and your laundry done.


3.  Running into people you’ve been avoiding.



There’s always those folks we really didn’t want to run into, but without fail, we see at least one of them. It may be an ex, or your nemis from middle school soccer, or maybe just that one kid who won’t stop talking about high school. Either way, seeing them was not in the plan and made us feel less than comfortable.


4. Taking a trip down memory lane at all your favorite places.



Maybe it was an overlook on the city, or a little local diner, but we all have places at home that made us happy. Being home can be a little bizarre, but going to this little spot can be a reminder how not a whole lot changes when you come back.


Brenna Wall is a Communication student at Saint Louis University and Chicago native. Along with being a part of the HC team at SLU, she is involved with a feminist forum on campus, KSLU Radio, the Micah Program, and a homeless outreach and ministry program. She loves coffee, dogs, intersectional feminism, traveling, and the wild outdoors. Follow my Instagram to see more of my adventures @brenna.wall. 
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