Flavors of LaCroix Ranked by How Much of an A-Hole You'll Look Like Drinking Them

LaCroix. Or, as I like to call it: The Drink of the Gods. Deal with it. LaCroix packs a punch of refreshing carbonated goodness. It’s perfect for when you need to #hydrate but don’t just want to drink ~boring~ plain water. Who even drinks water anymore? Why would you, when you can pop open an ice cold can of lemon LaCroix? Smh.

BUT, although I do love LaCroix, I will admit that as soon as others discover your passion for this heavenly drink, there is a chance they may look down on you. However, there is a way for you to continue slurping this modern-day ambrosia with minimal judgment from others, and it’s all down to the flavor you choose.

So, without any further ado, here’s every flavor of LaCroix (the normal ones, not the Cúrates) ranked from least to most likely to make you look like an asshole.

Let’s do this.


1. Lemon

Lemon, in my opinion, is one of the CLASSIEST cans of LaCroix you can pick up. Who’s to judge you when they’re over there drinking bottles of boring, non-carbonated diffused lemon water? Absolutely no one!

2. Lime

Much like Lemon, Lime is a classic palette cleanser. Can’t go wrong here.

3. Berry

Berry isn’t necessarily one of my favorite flavors of LaCroix, but there’s no denying that this gal is simple and elegant. Pure class.


4. Cran-Raspberry

A bit fancier than the first three, but still a familiar name and definitely a crowd pleaser.

5. Orange

Another simple classic.

6. Mango

Here’s where we start getting into the flavors that might make you seem a bit more tool-ish. Mango is saved by the fact that it’s a popular flavor.

7. Tangerine

Why are you drinking Tangerine when there’s already an Orange flavor? How different could they possibly be?

8. Apricot

I just want to know who’s really out here drinking Apricot. I don’t know if I’ve ever even eaten an apricot.

9. Passionfruit

Does anybody even know what a Passionfruit is?

10. Peach-Pear

It pains me to put Peach-Pear this far down the list, but the hyphenated name just breaks the deal for me.

11. Pamplemousse

Just read that flavor name again and ask me if it deserves to be higher on the list.

12. Key Lime

Again, how different could this be from actual Lime? Are you trying to drink pie?

13. Coconut

Arguably the most controversial flavor of LaCroix. Better be safe and only drink this in the safety of your own home.

14. Pure

Honestly, at this point, if you’re drinking Pure LaCroix just go pour yourself a glass of water out of your Brita filter.

There you go! Please note: feel free to enjoy any flavor of LaCroix that your heart desires…You just might want to do it somewhere quiet. And secluded. Please, don’t risk your reputation for the sake of looking fancy. I beg of you.