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Five Playlists to Get you Through the Day

Some days you just need the right set of jams to start your day or put you into the right mindset. Playlists probably will not solve what’s on your mind, but you might as well have an excellent soundtrack to get through your day. Here are five of the best playlists on Spotify to get you out of weird funk, get you thinking, or get you dancing.


1. “Songs to Sing in the Shower” by Spotify

This is a great one for waking up in the morning, or just blasting to sing all the words. It puts you in a good mood with a mix of everything. Enjoy for good vibes.  

2. “Women of Indie” by Spotify

If you are looking something that will get you moving along with some serious girl power vibes, the Women of Indie playlist is what your heart desires. Everything from Maggie Rodgers to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are jam packed onto this 5 hour power playlist. Sometimes, you just gotta celebrate women.


3. “Car Ride Sentimental” By Andrea Simms

This playlist is something that just makes you sit and think for a while. There are some excellent songs packed into this playlist. It’s the perfect background for studying, coffee, or just some nostalgic thinking.


4. “Homemade Dynamite” by Lordemusic

Not only is there so much excellent music on this mix, it is also some of Lorde’s favorites. This playlist feels feels like you’re  listening to something a friend made for you, except your good pal is Lorde. Friendship is cool that way.


5. “Late Night Thoughts” by Brenna Wall

When it’s around the time to turn down, turn this playlist on for some ambient and thought provoking music. This playlist has over eight hours of music on it, so you can end your day with something a little different but just as vibing every night.

Brenna Wall is a Communication student at Saint Louis University and Chicago native. Along with being a part of the HC team at SLU, she is involved with a feminist forum on campus, KSLU Radio, the Micah Program, and a homeless outreach and ministry program. She loves coffee, dogs, intersectional feminism, traveling, and the wild outdoors. Follow my Instagram to see more of my adventures @brenna.wall. 
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