First Love: a Poem

Do you remember the words you told me?

Love, love, love,

But I didn’t wanna fall too fast.

Honestly, I was just trying to avoid.


But you got me in my feelings,

I was just trying to ignore

Because I never really had a bad boy,

And you loved being a troublemaker.


You told me you loved me,

But you always acted indifferently.

What did you want from me?

Tears red like strawberry,

You told me you loved me;

I wonder what your definition of love was.


I fell in love when I was young,

My first love,

Thought heaven sent you to me,

But I never actually saw your halo.


Do you still think of me?

Do you even remember me?

Oh to be young and in love in New York City;

So here’s to the ones that we got.