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Easy Ways to Love the Earth a Little More

Invest in reusable plastic containers.

Having a set of reusable plastic containers will mean that you can say good-bye to plastic sandwich bags.  Reusable containers not only eliminate waste, but they are also better and keeping your snacks from getting squished.  I love my set of 17 containers from Ikea.  There are seven different sizes and the entire set was less than $6.

Go vegetarian.

For some people, this does not seem “easy.”  So start out small; pick a meal a day to cut out meat.  Then challenge yourself to go one day a week. Raising livestock for consumption takes a huge toll on the environment because it requires a lot of land, water, and energy.  Even a small change can make a big difference over a lifetime.  

Say no to plastic products at stores and restaurants.

Remember to decline a straw from your waiter and plastic grocery bags at the grocery store.  Even better invest in a few reusable shopping bags and a metal straw to bring with you when you go out.  By saying no to these products, you are reducing the amount of plastic that ends up in our oceans!

Change your laundry routine.

Heating water for laundry and drying clothes uses a lot of energy.  Try to wash your clothes on cold and then hang dry them.

Say no to fast fashion.

Like going vegetarian, saying no to fast fashion is a major lifestyle change, but even a few small changes can really make an impact.  Buying cheap, trendy clothes only to wear them a few times before tossing them creates a lot of waste. Try to shop at second-hand stores.  Think for at least a week before you buy a new clothing product. Chances are you will not “need” it in a week.

Rent textbook or buy digital or used copies.

Paper waste from textbooks and other paper products is leading to deforestation.  Since a single tree can produce enough oxygen for three people to breathe, it is in our best interest to reduce the paper we use.  When you avoid purchasing new textbooks, you are helping trees and saving money!

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