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I came into my freshman year as a major in Occupational Therapy. Around college application time, this seemed like the best option for me: a major that combined my passion for equality and my caring tendencies. I soon realized that the OT field wasn’t something I was necessarily passionate about striving for. I realized that the end goal wasn’t worth all the science and other health sciences classes I would have to take.

So I changed my major to Journalism to give myself the freedom to explore tons of classes and opportunities within the College of Arts & Sciences and get a career out of it that I would genuinely enjoy.

Since changing my major, I have been exposed to many different clubs and opportunities that I wish it didn’t take me changing my major to see. I’m not saying everyone needs to change their major; I simply want to express that college is the time to discover new passions and expand on old ones. Join a club that concentrates on something you love, even if it’s not your average resume builder! SLU offers so many programs that explore social justice, music, visual arts, ethnicity, writing, and so much more. You can even add a minor that has absolutely nothing to do with your major.

After all, this is your college experience and you have the freedom to craft it as you please.

Hi, I'm Merris! I'm a sophomore from Louisville, Kentucky (and I totally don't have an unhealthy amount of hometown pride). I'm studying Communications with a focus in Journalism & Media Studies and minoring in Urban Poverty Studies. My favorite things are chai tea, Houndmouth, cream cheese, and my cat Charlie.  
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