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College Makeup Necessities for People who Don’t Wear Makeup

Makeup is an interesting art form that has taken the internet by storm. From cool Halloween looks to amazing everyday ones, we often see popular influencers discussing their favorite products. But what products work for the everyday person who is not on camera? 

I have loved makeup ever since I was about 13 years old. I would watch YouTube videos on all the best products and ask for them for Christmas. What I failed to realize is the life I am living and the lives of these influencers are different. I am not going to red carpets and galas on a regular basis. I do not need makeup that is meant to show up on camera. Most people just need and want makeup that fits into their everyday lives and can also add a touch of glam when necessary. While expressing yourself through makeup is fun, it is important to remember that the way these products look on influencers online are not how they look in person. They have professional lighting, video cameras, and sometimes even filters preventing you from seeing the real product.I am going to be discussing a few products that every girl should have in her makeup kit that are good for normal everyday life or when you need a little extra glam.

Starting off with the base, I think concealer is the most important product a college student can have. After late nights and long study sessions we tend to look and feel tired. The best concealers I would recommend are the Maybelline Fit Me concealer as well as the ColourPop Pretty Fresh concealer.  These are both affordable products that last all day and do a good job of not creasing. 

For oily girls out there, powder is going to be another staple in your routine. I would recommend if you get the Maybelline Fit Me concealer to buy the matching powder as well—it is easier to match colors this way. Another great way to set your makeup is with the Kat Von Di translucent powder. I personally have dry skin so I rarely set my makeup unless I need it to last or I know I am going to get sweaty.

Mascara is another staple. The L’Oreal Lash Paradise is the best one I have used from the drugstore. As far as more expensive mascaras go, Tarte has really good options. You are going to want this product because it is a staple of any makeup routine, whether it be everyday or glam. These mascaras are the best ones I have found that do not bleed or smear anywhere. Mascara is the most important product on this list.

Blush is a perfect way to pull your makeup look together easily and is in style in every season. My favorite blush currently is the Maddie Ziegler x Morphe mousse that comes in the “lip and cheek” set. There are three adorable shades. These make your makeup look effortless and put together at the same time. These products are buildable so you can choose the intensity. It is especially great for beginners because it is easy to blend out in case of mistakes. The lip glosses that come with these blushes are also great items, because they last long for being a gloss and they look beautiful paired with the blush.

A highlighting eyeshadow is a great addition to a simple makeup look because it gives you a more alert and awake look. I have not found a single highlighting eyeshadow that did not work for this purpose no matter how cheap or expensive. The one I currently use is from the tarte leave your mark eyeshadow palette in the shade love. This palette is full of great everyday colors to use with a couple that can be used for more elegant looks as well.

Lastly, setting spray is a necessity if you want your look to stay in place all day and not look powdery. The Milani Make It Last Setting Spray is the best one I have used. I have a bad habit of touching my face, but my makeup doesn’t budge after using this spray. It also helps everything to sink into the skin and look more natural.

These products are a great start to an everyday or even special occasion makeup look if you do not wear makeup often. I personally love trying new products constantly, but if you do not like spending your money on makeup you should try the products I have mentioned above—I think you will be pleasantly surprised with how they look. Sometimes we need to look good to feel good. I know in college especially, as much as I love not wasting time in the morning putting makeup on, it can really turn my whole mood around and help me feel more put together.

Freshman at Saint Louis University. Loves seeing positivity and sunshine.
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