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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SLU chapter.

“Oh, you are majoring in business. It must be so easy. I wish I never had to do any work. What do you have to complain about when you are not in organic chemistry?”

This commentary needs to end. The “Chads” and “Brads” of the world exist in every major out there. That is a personality trait, not a major in school. There is no major that makes you a better person than someone else. In a society where everyone wants to be considered equal, I think that equality should be applied in our everyday lives, including our jobs and majors. This may not seem like an issue to most people, but the snide comments and remarks add up to be a lot to process, especially when they are from people close to you. It comes off as a lack of respect towards someone. So, here are about some reasons why business majors are intelligent, have bright futures ahead of them and should be respected by all. 

Being a business major is a broad term. You could be majoring in anything from accounting to international business; the list is endless. These students will start companies all around the world and sell the coolest products you could imagine. They will go on to work for corporations and become CEOs. But no—this is all “easy,” this is all “typical,” this is all “stupid.” No one should become a business major, and everyone should major in what you like instead of what they want for themselves. Often people see business majors as having an unhappy career-ending. What kind of a world is that? Businesses help make this country go round, and the things you can learn by obtaining a business degree will help you every day of your life.

To the doctor who wants to start their practice, good luck without business knowledge.

To the music student that wants to get a record deal, good luck without a label that is full of exemplary businesspeople. In fact, there would be no running labels without them.

Without business knowledge, the world would be undeveloped and dull. 

I am majoring in entrepreneurship. Yes, I know, an unusual major. But so what? It is my life. I work as hard as I can to achieve my goals. I think this major can help me achieve my dreams and be happy with my life, so I disagree with the stereotype that business students are dumb and will live a boring life. I think life with a business degree can bring many opportunities to your front door. Everything is what you make of it.

This is my little snippet to all the business majors out there. Whether you care about the stereotype or you like the stereotype, I believe that you are getting or have gotten this major to brighten your future. Do not, I repeat, do not let others stand in the way of your dreams with their doubts about the potential for your future. No one’s dreams are stupid, and no one’s dreams are the same. That is what makes the world go around, because we do not need to be the same. In the end, we just need to be ourselves. 

Freshman at Saint Louis University. Loves seeing positivity and sunshine.