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6 Dessert Places in St. Louis and What to Order There

1. Piccione Pastry: Black & White Cookies

Piccione has been my go to bakery for such a long time! It offers many great pastries as well as gelato. A household favorite in my family is their black and white cookie. Piccione has mastered this simple pastry.

2. Missouri Baking Company: Chocolate Drops

I had Missouri Baking Company treats at my high school graduation party. There were many dessert options, but the chocolate drops were the biggest hit. Simple yet universal, the chocolate drops will fulfill your chocolate, cookie, and cake cravings all in one dessert.

3. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams: Ice Cream

Next time you find yourself craving ice cream, do yourself a favor and make a stop at Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams. Jeni’s has a plethora of unique flavors filled with fresh and rich ingredients. The shop itself is also very aesthetically pleasing that makes for great pictures!

4. La Bonne-Bouchee: Macaroons

La Bonne-Buchee is a delicious French restaurant that has many sweet treats on their menu. Among the treats, they offer many flavorful macarons. They look as good as they taste with vibrant colors to match each flavor!

5. Strange Donuts: Donuts

Strange Donuts is one of Saint Louis’s most unique dessert spots. Strange Donuts has many unique flavors including maple bacon and even gooey butter cake! If you’re looking for even stranger flavors, go at night time where the strangest flavors of the day come out.

6. Jilly’s Cupcake Bar: Mini Cupcakes

I recently discovered the newest addition to Jilly’s Cupcake bar: mini cupcakes! These mini cupcakes are as delicious as they are beautiful. Each cupcake is packed with flavor and topped off with fun decorations.


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