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The 5 Ways to Make Your Concert Experience Count

I LOVE concerts. Even though my bank account is nearly empty, every time I see that a band I like is touring, I just have to buy tickets. I consider concert-going a sort of hobby that takes a little bit of skill. I'm here to give you some pro-tips on how to make your concert experience the best it can possibly be.


  1. Learn the songs beforehand.

Maybe you are a casual fan of the band and only know every word to their one radio hit. There's something cathartic about singing along with all these strangers, so my tip is to play the album on repeat in the few days leading up to the show, I promise you will enjoy it more. If you can get the chorus of a few more songs down before the show, it'll enrich your experience.


  1. Line up early if it’s a General Admission show.


Usually, I have nothing else to do in the few hours before a show. So, if you're free and the weather is bearable, why not line up outside the venue? While being in the back isn't going to ruin your concert, it is definitely a lot more fun the closer you are.


  1. Don't be afraid to sing and dance.


Everyone at the show is there because they love music, just like you! If someone is shooting you dirty looks for singing at the top of your lungs or dancing your little heart out, they're just bitter that you’re having more fun than them. Turn towards the stage and let loose. This is what you’re here for.


  1. Take a few photos and videos, but don't go overboard.


I like to have a few solid photos of the band to post on Instagram after the show. It’s awesome to be able to look back at your concert photos, but if you take more than 10, they all sort of start to look the same. As for videos, I've been to so many shows and taken up a lot of my phone storage with videos that I have honestly never gone back to watch and relive the experience. You'll have more fun to fully be in the moment and commit this happy time to memory than have a photo album full of the same picture over and over.


  1. Try to meet the band after the show.


This tip only goes for shows at smaller venues. I wouldn't bother waiting outside a giant arena for Taylor Swift to come out, but some artists will come outside to meet fans and take photos after the show. Even if you're not a super big fan, it's a cool thing when you hear a song on the radio to remember the time you took a photo with the lead singer!


The most important thing is to have fun. It doesn't matter if you got last minute tickets and a friend dragged you to a show, or if you're finally seeing a singer you've loved for years, if you show up to a concert with a good attitude, you'll have a blast.

Hello! I am a sophomore at Saint Louis University studying Sociology with high hopes of making the world a better place. I am the current Social Media Director and Vice President for HC at SLU. Strong advocate for intersectional feminism, shelter dogs, and unnatural hair colors.
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