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5 Songs on My Discover Weekly Playlist Explained

Whenever I’m feeling in a music rut, a.k.a. I have overplayed my current favorite songs, I look to Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist to add some hip new tunes to my online collection. Discover Weekly is a tailored playlist, so it adds songs based on recently-listened-to albums or artists. The streaming service will even add similar artists to this playlist, hence the “discover” bit.


Here’s my top five for the week:


1. “Don’t You Give Up” by Dansu

This band with Tokyo roots has a Funkadelic type sound, while still combining the familiar bass sound that we hear in today’s pop songs. I assume that Bay Ledges was the recently-listened-to artist that led to this song popping up on my Discover Weekly, as I hear similar elements in Dansu’s tracks.


2. “Ride Or Die (feat. Foster The People)” by The Knocks, Foster The People

The best collaboration I have heard in a long time, “Ride Or Die” incorporates rock and indie in a modern way. Foster The People has been in my music rotation ever since their breakthrough in the music industry circa 2011.


3. “Move On” by Mike Posner

Remember Mike Posner? Well he has a new album out (I know, I’m a little late), and this track boasts a constructive message while still being enjoyable to listen to.


4. “Altar (Radio Edit)” by machineheart

The band’s female lead singer possesses a captivating voice, and when combined with the band’s 80’s influences, their songs sound amazing. This is a recent release of theirs, and I love it.


5. “Fault Lines” by Set Mo

A party bop, this song could be played either on a Saturday night or while strutting to your next class. It probably showed up because I listen to Mansionair and SAFIA, who are among the related artists.


Have fun jamming out!

A third year student at Saint Louis University studying Environmental Science. She loves the natural world, practicing yoga, and all things music.
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